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Newspaper: The Deadly Ambush by ISIS In Syria Went Largely Unnoticed

Selava Omar – Xeber24.Net

The Israeli Newspaper “Jerusalem Post” Reported That The Deadly Ambush By ISIS In Syria Went Unnoticed And Said: “The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights Reported That ISIS Fighters Ambushed A Military Convoy Of Syrian Army Soldiers And Militiamen Loyal To The Assad Regime, Early Monday.”

The Newspaper Noted That At Least 26 Pro-Regime Forces Were Killed In The Ambush In The Attack, Making It The Bloodiest Since The Beginning Of The Year, And 11 Members Of The Islamic State, Noting That Despite The High Number Of Deaths, Western Media Largely Ignored The Incident.

“On February 8, ISIS Militants Attacked A Military Convoy, Killing At Least Seven Syrian Army Soldiers From The 17th Division And At Least 19 Militias Of The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Of The Al-Quds Brigades,” Said Oliver Harper, An Analyst At The Jin Center For Terrorism And Rebellion (JTIC), According To The Newspaper.

“It Has Been Nearly Two Years Since Former U.S. President Donald Trump Claimed To Have Recaptured “100%” Of Syrian Territory That Was Under ISIS Control, But In Some Areas Of The Arab State, ISIS Is Still A Tangible Reality,” Said Yoram Schweitzer, A Senior Researcher At The Institute For National Security Studies (INSS), Who Said, “If You Follow The Actions Of What They Call ISIS And Salafist Jihadist Groups In The Past Year, You Can See That They Are Active, Not Only In Syria But In The Region As A Whole.”

“Daesh Has Disappeared In The Heart Of The Desert And Continues Its Activities In Lawless Areas, In Syria And Iraq, As Well As In The Sinai Peninsula,” He Said

The Senior Researcher Described The Current Situation As “A Clear And Real Time Bomb”, Explaining That “There Are A Large Number Of Salafist Jihadists In Syria, Not All Of Them Belonging To ISIS, And This Case Of Trained Salafist Jihadist Gunmen And Children Who Grew Up In Such An Environment, Without Education, Without Alternatives, Will Come Out Into The World As Men, After Indoctrination, And This Issue Will Explode,” The Newspaper Said.

Schweitzer Referred To Children Who Grew Up Under ISIS, Many Of Whom Are Now Being Held In Refugee Camps In Northeastern Syria, And More Than 64,000 Detainees, Mostly Women And Children, Held In The Largest Camp In The ” Hol Camp”.

Translated by : khoshbin sheikho.

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