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An official source in “SDF” reveals to “Xeber24” details of the talks with Russia and the Syrian regime on The “Ain Issa”

Kajin Ahmad –

An official leader of the SDF revealed that there has been a lot of speculation recently about the handover of the town of “Ain Issa” to Russian forces and the Syrian regime, pointing to the existence of negotiations between the SDF and the Russians.

Mahmoud Habib, spokesman for the North Democratic Brigade, which is under the banner of the Syrian Democratic Forces, said in a statement to” Xeber24″ about the latest conditions on the ground in “Ain Issa and rifha”: “After a major escalation that took place from Sunday night until Monday morning on the axis of the village of “Mashrefa”, which is controlled by the Turkish occupation forces, and the village of “Jahbe”l, which is controlled by the forces of “SDF”, the Front of Ain Issa returned to witness a cautious calm.

“This calm was punctuated by indiscriminate gunfire by the occupying forces and their mercenaries, attempts to penetrate or infiltrate towards the M4, and a clear continuation of the policy of pressure on our forces by Turkey, in order to accept Russian offers,” the military spokesman said.

“This bargaining has become open and dangerous, and threatens the security of the region in the absence of any intervention by the coalition forces,” he said, noting that “the United Nations and the UN Security Council issued a statement on Tuesday, urging the international parties, especially America and Russia, to work together to reach a state of security, stability and responsibility in the eastern Euphrates region.

On Russian allegations of the establishment of joint checkpoints with Syrian regime forces in the city, Habib said: “The deployment of three points on the northern side of the town of Ain Issa has been going on for more than 10 days, and there has been no new deployment in the region.”

“At this time, there is a lot of speculation about the handover of the town to Russian and regime forces, and certainly negotiations on this issue are continuing without an acceptable and feasible formula,” he said.

Habib stressed, “The principle of handing over the town is controversial, so far Russia and Turkish cooperation are trying to pressure our forces to obtain this demand, and so far no official decision has been issued in this regard, and we confirm the firmness of our position in the military battle on the one hand and political on the other”.

Translated by : khoshbin sheikho

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