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A prominent Syrian leader reveals through “Xeber24” the hopes and possible future of northern and eastern Syria under the Biden administration

Prepare: Kajin Ahmad –
Translation: Selava Omar

The co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council, Riad Dirar, considered today, Tuesday, that the arrival of the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, to power in America, may cause a change in favor of a political solution in Syria, especially in its northeast.

“Dirar” said in exclusive statements to “Xeber24”: “Our problem with the American administration is the same problem with democracy, the atmosphere that changes are imposed as a result of positions that change administrations due to democratic competition, which means that there are also changes in positions regarding some events and the nature of international relations, Especially this is what concerns us, because the interests of the two conflicting parties and competitors in America may be shifting towards some countries and some positions.

The Syrian politician added, “Therefore we believe that the stage that passed was harsh for us. There was a character who came to the American event and within four years there was no stability in the policies that depend on institutions. And for America to get rid of individual control, because the presidential system in America gives the president power that is not found in many countries despite democratic considerations and some references.

And the leader of the “MSD” continued, “I believe we are waiting for an event that changes positions in our favor, in favor of the Syrian political solution, in favor of the role we have played in alliance with the countries that fought ISIS, and that this victory has its results and benefits on the components of the Syrian people in order to take their rights according to a decentralized democratic system , Be supported by the democratic forces in the world ”.

Dirar commented on Russia’s lack of seriousness and its continuation in its promises to launch a dialogue between them and Damascus, saying: “Russia has an extended and long role in Syria, and it knows many outlets of the system and the features of the Syrian state, and it has many interests, whether in Syria or across Syria, and therefore it tends more In favor of a solution that preserves the system and gives it the upper hand in the results of a political solution.

He noted, “All the previous dialogues, the regime was benefiting from its favor and power with Russia, and it was trying to impose its vision through means of intimidation, delay and marginalization in many cases, as is the solution that took place in the de-escalation areas through weapons and the regime benefited from it and restored its control and abandoned many of its sons Regions until they gathered in Idlib. ”

“Dirar” explained that the attempts now are also to increase pressure to control Idlib, despite the Astana agreements with Turkey, which considers its intervention in Idlib a political, economic and security interest.

He stressed, “It does this also with us in north and east Syria. She wants to pull the rug out of the American presence and push this presence out of the region, to make it easier to interfere in it, and then it controls the solution and dialogue, which is certainly in the interest of the regime.”

And “Dirar” added, “We believe that the solution in this way is a negative thing for the future of Syria, and therefore we rely on the existing international forces in order to contribute to the participation of the political solution and to be its guarantor, so that the regime does not control the lives of the Syrians, and return to it in this life as it was. Before 2011 ”.

The Syrian politician pointed out, “There are many changes that have taken place, and the whole world must benefit from these changes, and Syria will benefit from them by rebuilding life again according to the needs of the Syrian people in terms of freedom and dignity, denying tyranny and control, and restoring rights to the components of the Syrian people that were looted.”

And on how to find a compromise formula with the Syrian opposition forces, especially the Syrian coalition and the American role in that, the co-chair of “SDC” said: “We heard that there is an attempt to push the understanding of the Syrian opposition forces, especially the coalition with the representatives of the region, the Syrian Democratic Council and the Autonomous Administration, and even with the Syrian Democratic Forces. Which is a fundamental pillar in protecting the region and in its management.

He pointed out, saying: “We consider the American role to be weak and proceeding slowly, and I believe that this role is capable of imposing the will if it is wanted on everyone, but the nature of the interests surrounding the general atmosphere in Syria, whether in Iraq where Iranian interference and threats, and whether in Turkey where competition with Russia is Which also seeks to win Turkey by its side. ”

“Dirar” pointed out, “All this makes the American position slow and hesitant, and inconclusive in pushing for the real participation of the representatives of the Autonomous Administration and the Syrian Democratic Council in the political solution. With the opposition forces in order to all contribute to the political solution.

“Dirar” criticized the recent Russian statements regarding their accusation of separatism and American support, and explained that “the accusation of secession and division is a political charge that does not exist in reality, because the messages expressing the target Syria and the direction of Syria, expressing our demands for the unity of Syria in the future, land and people, this is in all directions and all agreements, and the agreement that we signed in Moscow with the People’s Will Party reached the Russian administration, and it talks about one real Syria project, which carries the goals of building a new Syria, in which everyone participates, free from tyranny and free from exclusion.

The leader of the “SDF” stressed, “Therefore, this accusation is rejected and unacceptable, and I believe that trying to pressure through this charge on the American side in order to weaken its presence in the region, and on our forces to be accused of secession so that this burden becomes a motive for them to understand and submit to the regime and its objectives.”

“Dirar” asserted, “We are pushing this accusation by more work on the unity of the Syrian opposition first in all its directions, and this is what we are calling for to be participants in the correct political solution. Points on the letters in heading to the strength of this solution and achieving it with understandings and concessions from everyone for the benefit of the Syrian people and in the interest of building a new future for Syria.

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