Macron calls on Erdogan to abide by the de-escalation in the Mediterranean

Selava Omar – – “Agencies”

French President Emmanuel Macron called on his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to adhere “unequivocally” to stopping the escalating tension in the eastern Mediterranean with Greece and Cyprus, the members of the European Union.

The French presidency said that Macron called in a phone call “Turkey to fully respect the sovereignty of the member states of the European Union in addition to international law, to refrain from any new unilateral step that could cause tensions, and to commit to securing a space of peace and cooperation in the Mediterranean in an unambiguous manner in it.

For its part, the Turkish presidency announced that Erdogan informed his French counterpart that Turkey expects Paris to adopt a “constructive” approach in the dispute between Ankara and Greece in the eastern Mediterranean, shortly after the Turkish and Greek sides showed their willingness to start negotiations between them.

And Paris supports Athens in this crisis.

According to the Elysee, Macron called on Turkey to “accept to engage in a similar dialogue, in the same spirit, with Cyprus.”

And “Macron” called on Turkey to “fully adhere to the arms embargo in Libya within the framework set by the United Nations, as well as respecting the security interests of its allies in Syria.”

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