Announcing the founding of the “Peace and Freedom Front”, which considers the Kurdish Council one of its main components

Selava Omar –

Several parties from the components of the Syrian people in the Al-Jazeera region have announced the creation of a new alliance that considers the Kurdish National Council one of its main side.

On Tuesday, in an official statement in Qamishlo, north and east of Syria, it was announced that the Peace and Freedom Front had been established.

The statement said, ” As a result of close political visions and joint action in the past stage, the Kurdish National Council in Syria, the Democratic Revolutionary Organization, and the Syrian Tomorrow Movement and the Arab Council in the island and the Euphrates, held a series of intensive meetings during the past months, With the aim of coordinating efforts to find a political solution in Syria to save the country from the vast abyss it is sliding into, due to the challenges and existential dangers that beset it with the regime’s intransigence and its adoption of a security and military solution. ‘

The statement emphasized that their meetings reached an agreement that unites them with a new political body and with a unified vision of our people and commitment to partnership and alliance for a better future for Syria. ”

The statement stressed that they, like the new alliance, are a new political framework that brings together a number of Syrian political forces, the “Peace and Freedom Front” is a framework for a political alliance between a number of Syrian political forces that seek to build a pluralistic, decentralized democratic system that preserves the dignity and freedom of the Syrians, there is no place for terrorism, extremism and exclusion in all its forms, its manifestations work according to the principles and goals that were included in the political vision. ‘

The statement indicated their openness to joint work with the spectrum of the Syrian opposition, “and the front is open to dialogue and joint work with the spectra of the Syrian opposition, and supports the efforts of all national opposition forces and international and regional parties seeking to end the suffering of the Syrians through a comprehensive political solution in accordance with international legitimacy decisions, ” We affirm that the establishment of this alliance does not affect the continued membership of the parties that constitute it in the opposition Syrian political bodies and institutions, but rather it enters into the framework of integration with their efforts. ”

The statement pointed out that ” the front stems from an advanced vision that analyzes the current Syrian reality and contributes to building the constitutional base for the new Syria, and takes into account the privacy of all the Syrian components and their national and democratic rights, up to the true state of citizenship, a country in which freedom, justice and equality in all its manifestations are achieved from The principle that “Syria is the home of all and can accommodate everyone”.

In its statement, the Front revealed its project in support of a political solution in Syria in accordance with the resolutions of Sharia and the Geneva Conference: “The Peace and Freedom Front supports the political solution in Syria in accordance with international legitimacy resolutions, the most important of which is Security Council Resolution 2254 and the Geneva Declaration 1, in order to achieve the aspirations of our people to achieve a democratic transition to a system that respects Human rights and guarantees the rule of law and the peaceful transfer of power while preserving the territorial integrity of Syria. ”

The Front clarified that its vision is summarized in two political and organizational papers: The Peace and Freedom Front summarized its vision for the future of Syria and the basics of its work during the next stage in two political and organizational papers. Conditions associated with the Coronavirus, And the political paper will be published on the media and the websites of the parties.

The statement concluded.”, we pledge to our people that we will remain true to their service and work with the international community to find a political solution to the Syrian crisis that ends tyranny and safeguards the dignity and rights of Syrians with all their components,”

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