People’s Congress: May 1 must be Struggle against Fascism Day

People’s Congress: May 1 must be Struggle against Fascism Day

On May1, People’s Conference congratulated the workers and the people, and demanded them to go to the squares to revolt against Erdogan and Behjali’s fascism. The People’s Conference also pointed to the need to take advantage of compulsory elections and turn them into an opportunity to overthrow the fascist authority.
The People’s Conference Presidency’s Divan issued a statement on Labor Day which is on the first day of May, the day of struggle, support and unification of workers.
The statement congratulated May 1 Day, and commemorated the martyrs of this day, and continued by saying:
“Workers, cadres and all our people in Kurdistan and Turkey will receive on May 1 the Workers Day within an atmosphere of compulsory elections, and because the authority of AKP-MHP saw that their authority and fascination are heading towards failure and defeat, they have got panic, and decided to hold compulsory elections.”
The statement added, “The squares on May 1 Day, the Workers Day must be filled with the workers, the poor and all our people who have been affected by the fascist AKP-MHP, and turn the squares into a place of solidarity and alliance.” May 1 must be the beginning of the struggle of freedom and democracy against fascism. The resistance of the society, which was escalated on 8 March, must be strengthened on 1 May.
The fascist AKP-MHP put great pressure on the people of Turkey, especially the Kurdish people, workers, women, Alawites, democrats and intellectuals, and they kill them. On one hand, our people are trying to turn Kurdistan and Turkey into a prison and to restore the Amed prison age which was founded by the fascism of September 12.
The fascist authority in order to preserve its continuation, all resources of the state and the society are used to serve the war. In the beginning of the war against Kurdistan Freedom Movement and all the opposition that emerged against fascism, major crises emerged and the economy was gradually heading towards collapse.
These elections are a very important opportunity for the organization and advertisement in Europe and Kurdistan, an opportunity to demand accountability for the isolation imposed on the leader and the injustice practiced against the people of Kurdistan, an opportunity to respond to the occupation of Afrin and change its demography. Therefore, our people must move in the spirit of general alarm and unity to achieve stronger results.
The voices of the people of Kurdistan and Turkey living abroad will play a great role in the elections. For this reason, the democratic figures, intellectuals and all persons opposed to the AKP-MHP fascism must move and carry out activities without interruption and with high sensitivity in these elections.
We will eliminate the fascist authorities of AKP-MHP which want to prolong their life through these obligatory elections. With the slogan “Fascism Will Be Defeated and Our People Will Certainly Win,” we would declare the general alarm.

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