“Tal al-Baya camp” forgotten camps, its displaced people appeal

“Tal al-Baya camp” forgotten camps, its displaced people appeal

Tal al-Baya camp north of al-Raqqa is one of the forgotten camps by the organizations, and its displaced appeal to the organizations to support them. “Is it not enough that we displaced from our homes?!” he said.
In parallel with the continuation of fighting by the conflict’s parties in all parts of Syria, the displacement movement continues by the people towards safer areas.
Where thousands of people from Homs city went to al-Raqqa seeking for a safe place in the camp of Tal al-Baya in the shadow of the forgetfulness of humanitarian organizations in assisting them.
After the failure of the organizations, the displaced people of the camp managed to manage themselves, they made their tents with bags of burlap to protect them from summer heat and winter cold, but the dust storms were greater than their patience and five families slept together in one tent.
“I lived in our house safely and with the help of God, to protect us with barrels of the regime and the curse of Daesh and their brutality befall us, and during the shelling, two of my children were martyred, while my sheep did not survive their bombardments, where100 sheep were killed.” Nofa al-Halil from Homs noted.
Nofa said, she had been displaced from her home in Homs for about a year and now sheltered in Tal al-Baya camp six months ago.
“No organizations have supported us,” she said. “The organizations are registering our names in their records… and in the end they forget us.”
“Hunger has killed us, and 5 families live in one tent, in addition to my son is a disabled and is in dire need of aid and medicine.” Said Ali al-Manfi, another citizen
Al-Manfi appealed to the organizations to provide aid, support and aid to them. “Is it not enough that we were displaced from our homes.” He said.

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