Ankara Tripartite Summit For the political solution in Syria or to fight the Kurds

Ankara Tripartite Summit
For the political solution in Syria or to fight the Kurds
Kawa Nader Qader
The Tripartite Summit of the Presidents of the Republic (Turkey, Russia and Iran), held on 4 April Ankara, is a continuation and extension of the political and security campaign in Astana and is the focus of a new alliance between countries that are trying to take advantage of every loophole And Western vulnerabilities in the region, as it appears to be its priority:
_ To stand up to USA uniqueness in the Middle East, through their decisions and attitudes on this subject.
_ The strategic interests of economic, political and security dimensions in the Middle East.
The discrepancy between the lines of their words and their data show considerable contradictions about many subjects, a fragile and unfriendly summit as they want to show, but as reality, they are on the fact and have affection for many of the decisions and events taking place in Syria with the files War and peace in the region. They claim that they are keen to discuss ways to find political solutions and increase the pace of efforts to ensure the control of tension on the ground and the protection of civilians in the territories as they call it “reducing tension” and a summit for the stability and unity Syrian lands:
_ They do not respect the Syrian national sovereignty and interfere by their armies and mercenaries.
_They kill and evict citizen’s isolation and destroy cities and villages in this country, meaning they are not saying what they are doing.
Despite their differing aims and interests in this trilateral summit, at the core of Turkey’s broader and more isolated international and regional policy than in the other two international policies, Erdogan employed it in order to:
_ First to fight the Kurdish national movement, especially against YPG and PYD.
_ To put pressure on NATO and USA specially. to help it pass its racist and expansionist policies in the region against the aspirations of people in the region.
The following meetings and summits against the Kurdish can be summarized:
_ Emphasis on Syrian territorial integrity, in essence and directed against self-administration in Rojava (West Kurdistan) and Kurdistan in general.
_change The Kurdish demographic reality in Rojava, on the pretext that the inhabitants of the displaced and diaspora are displaced, is in fact the Arabs’ place of Kurdistan in Rojava.
_The exchange of intelligence and security to serve their national interests, in essence, is the exchange of information about the Kurdistan National Movement, especially the PYD.
_ Not condemnation of the occupation of Afrin and Erdogan’s firing of military action and continuation of the so-called “olive branch”.
It appears from summit meetings, the contradictions and confounded of the statements made by the leaders involved, especially after the announcement of Donald Trump, He may keep his forces in Syria for a while and sent his own forces to Manbaj and With firing hard speech by the USA military officials against any Turkish military action in Manbaj.
It seems to be time for Erdogan, allied with Russia he turned his back on NATO and America and Europe, to pay the bills, after he put all his eggs in a Putin basket and reaching unprecedented understandings On the S-400 missile system, putting the base stone of the nuclear reactor at KO kyu / Mersin, with Russian company Russ atom by $ 20 billion and receiving on 2023, on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee for the announcement of the Turkish Republic.
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