Transfer of Afrin residents was to protect civilians, avoid new massacres

Transfer of Afrin residents was to protect civilians, avoid new massacres
Resistance of the age did not end, and the step to remove the civilians from Afrin was to avoid their survival face to face with the massacres committed by Turkish occupation forces and its mercenaries with NATO weapons against the people in the shadow of terrible international silence.
Since the 20th of January, Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries have used NATO weapons to bomb the cities and towns of Afrin region. These weapons are provided to groups, mercenaries and al-Qaeda groups that cooperate with them in the aggression, that many massacres were committed by these weapons and the violation of all international laws relating to the protection of civilians and holy and historical places. Despite all these violations, NATO did not take action against Turkish occupation, especially as it provides weapons to groups associated with Al Qaeda,
NATO participated in the attack on Afrin
The aggressive attack on Afrin began with an agreement with Russia and with collusion with regional forces on January 20. Russia has actively participated in opening the air space for Turkish aggression to exterminate the people of Afrin with all kinds of weapons, as they once again sacrificed people for their interests in Syria.
And with international silence starting from the alliance forces to European Union, United Nations and Security Council, Afrin is live genocide and forcible displacement and the exposure of hundreds of civilians for all kinds of bombing due to the failure of these forces their humanitarian and political tasks towards the people of Afrin and its fighters who defended the whole world against oppressor and against Erdogan who financed and continues to fund terrorism in the world.
International Community has remained silent about the massacres committed against a people who have responded to global terrorism
Turkish state and its mercenaries used to change the demography of Afrin area and the housing of Takfiri forces and their families. It has also killed hundreds of civilians who have fled the brunt of their shelling and policies.
Demographics change the base of ​​attacks on Afrin
Local Turkish and other opposition media uncovered the use of lethal weapons and ammunition by Turkish army to bomb Syrian civilians in Afrin, resulted in the martyrdom of hundreds of unarmed civilians. Weapons ranged from tanks, aircraft, missiles, bombers and armored vehicles.
Since the beginning of Turkish aggression to date, 500 civilians, children, women and the elderly have been martyred by Turkish air raids and by more than 1030 civilians. These martyrs and wounded were martyred as a result of Turkish occupation of NATO weapons, the massacres claimed the lives of entire families, including displaced families from normal areas to escape from the regime forces, mercenaries of Turkish occupation and IS mercenaries.
On January 26, 2018, Turkish occupation army massacred Jilbere village, killing 10 martyrs and 12 wounded. On January 21, 2018, Turkish occupation army massacred the Mobata village, killing 6 martyrs and wounded, all from one family. On January 28, 2018, Kubli village, which killed 8 martyrs, 7 wounded and 10 missing, in addition to the other massacres that could not be fixed as a result of intensive bombing by Turkish occupation forces on the populated areas.
Turkey used chlorine gas in the attack on Afrin
With the insistence of people and the fighters of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) on the resistance and took their sole choice, and when it saw the force of aggression itself unable to achieve any concrete military victory despite the successive days and in order to achieve victory or any breach or progress made use of chemical weapons in an attempt to break the will of defenders of their people and their lands , Where a number of citizens were seriously ill as a result of their exposure to chlorine gas, and this was confirmed by medical staff in Afrin, pointing out that the material used and according to analyzes that they made chlorine gas.
Chemical weapons have been completely banned in the convention on prohibition of the development, production, stockpiling and use of chemical weapons and on their destruction, briefly called “Chemical Weapons Convention”. Article 1 of Convention states that under no circumstances shall states develop, produce, otherwise pass, store or the transfer of chemical weapons directly or indirectly to anyone; the use of chemical weapons; and any military preparations for their use.
The ICRC also noted that the use of chemical weapons constituted a violation of the right to life. As stipulated in Article 6 of the 1966 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.
It was Germany that used chlorine gas during World War I in 1915, when 1500 people died as a result of suffocation with poison gas, and al-Baath regime also used chlorine gas in the Syrian city Idlib in its war against Syrian opposition several times.
The massacres of Turkish occupation forced the people to leave their homes
In the face of all these massacres, heavy shelling and targeting of civilians by Turkish occupation, the fighters People and Women Protection Units fought 58 days of heroic resistance. They continued to protect civilians from other massacres. They provided 820 martyrs in order to defeat Turkish aggression and protect civilians. .
820 fighters were martyred during 58 days of Resistance of the age
Democratic Autonomous Administration in Afrin canton declared that their war against Turkish occupation and Takfire forces called “Free Army” had entered a new stage, the transition from direct confrontation war to hit-and-run tactics. “We decided to take civilians out of the city to avoid a more terrible humanitarian catastrophe.”
The protection of civilians has led to the removal of civilians from Afrin, which has entered a new phase
For his part, spokesman for People Protection Units in Afrin Brosk, that their forces are everywhere in Afrin and entered a new phase in fight against Turkish occupation and its mercenaries after they secured the exit of civilians from Afrin to avoid genocide by Turkish aggression, which destroyed all areas and villages occupied by .
The weapons used by Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries in their aggression against Afrin presented to them by NATO are:
Tiger fighter 1: is a Turkish-made fighter was one of the first air weapons launched from the base of military Incirlik, and bombed positions in Afrin city, a fighter for the F-16 “used by Israeli army in the shelling of Palestinians in Gaza Strip.
Hauartz or deadly spear rockets:before the Turkish ground forces were deployed to Afrin, Hautzer, or so-called “Ramah missile,” was used on the head of weapons that hit the tunnels and the shelters of Syrian civilians in Afrin claiming the targeting of People and Women Protection Units.
Hauartz is characterized by its ability to hit the target with 12 rockets at the same moment, and by automatic electronic control.
Laser bombs are also used to target a military gathering but the brute force used by Turkish army against the Syrians. This type of bomb was used by laser or GPS, and the target was then identified and hit. This type of MK 82 missile has a range of up to 227 kilometers and another type of MK 84 with a range of up to 930 kilometers.
Anka plane: is a Turkish industrial drone used by Turkish occupation forces to track mobile targets and sends coordinates, pictures and exact locations to record the targeting process afterwards.
“Kirby” or “Cobra” armored vehicles, used by Turkish occupation to transport its soldiers and mercenaries to Afrin, are designed against mines and rocket attacks and have high resistance to high temperatures.
An expert in German Ministry of Defense confirmed the use of German weapons by Turkish occupation army in its aggression on Afrin, Leopard 2A4 tanks produced in Germany.
Despite the Turkish claims that they are using homemade weapons in their aggression on Afrin, everyone knows that Leopard tank that bombards civilians in Afrin is a German-made tank.
Everyone also knows that AH-Super Cobra helicopters are the mainstay of US Navy, a US-made helicopter that is used today to bomb civilians, as well as the bombing of People and Women Protection Units and Syrian Democratic Forces, which contributed to the eradication of terrorism on behalf of the world. International Community to fight dueling when he stressed that the world should be grateful to those forces for the sacrifices made in the fight against IS mercenaries knowing that the battle of Syrian Democratic Forces is not over yet and continues in Deir ez-Zor province, northeast of Syria.
No one can deny that the F-16 warplanes are also American-made and used by Turkish occupation army and continue to kill civilians and destroy archaeological sites by targeting the site of Ain Dara and the Temple of Nabi Hori, all of which amounted to war crimes from the international law point of view.
After Turkey used German Leopard 2 tanks in its aggression against Afrin and killed its civilians, Turkey transferred US M-60 tanks to the area for use in killing civilians in Afrin.
With all these horrifying figures and horrific facts caused by Turkish occupation army and with him remnants of al-Qaeda and IS mercenaries, the world is still silent and NATO still sees every day how to use its weapons in war crimes, without taking any action to deter Turkey from its crimes.

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