Ilham Ahmed: Protection units broke Turks thorn in Afrin

Ilham Ahmed: Protection units broke Turks thorn in Afrin
chair of Syrian Democratic Council, Ilham Ahmed, said that People Protection Units (YPG) broke Turkey’s thorn in Afrin, noting that the Turkish statements to enter the cities liberated by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) from IS mercenaries is aimed to disable the federal project in North Syria.
In an exclusive interview with Hawar news agency, Ilham Ahmed made remarks about developments in Afrin and the situation of the silent countries regarding the crimes committed by the Turks against civilians.
The following is the interview text:
How do you evaluate the situation of Afrin resistance after 53 days of aggression against it, and in your opinion, did Turkey achieve a victory in Afrin as it claimed?
The resistance shown by the people of Afrin from (YPG, YPJ) and (SDF) since 53 days ago was able to achieve a great victory and broke the thorn of Turkish occupation despite the barbaric shelling by the Turkish enemy planes and guns without distinction between civilian and military, and possess the best types of sophisticated weapons in the war on Afrin.

But the people are steadfast in Afrin and the forces defending it are still on the front lines fighting and this confirms that Turkey did not win in Afrin.
The victories claimed by Turkey in Afrin are the total destruction of civilian property, the displacement of people from villages to the city as a result of their barbaric shelling, cutting drinking water, massacres of children, women and the elderly, and the use of rockets containing poisonous gases, These are all victories achieved by the Turkish aggression within 53 days in Afrin.
What is the goal of Turkish state in its recent statements to enter the safe cities in North Syria after Afrin, and what are the consequences if entered?
Turkish President Erdogan, through his statements to enter the cities liberated by Syrian Democratic Forces from ISIS, is to disable the federal project in North Syria, but the fact that his country seeks to divide North Syria, and the fact that what happened in Afrin split between Turkey and Russia.

This statement is a threat and must be addressed not only to (SDF) but to International Alliance, which contributed to defeating ISIS from al-Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor, and the return of ISIS again on the Syrian arena will be stronger than it was because it will have direct Turkish support and public.
Why do Turkish president resort to NATO with his war on Afrin?
Of course it is so far considered that NATO did not support him in Afrin in fact, knowing that Turkey is a member of this alliance. Turkey would not have taken the green light from NATO and would have bought the international silence for the use of Afrin. In this case, Turkey seeks to actively involve NATO in the entry of ground forces to be a partner in his crime.
Is Russia and Syrian government serious about defending Afrin?
The Russian government has agreed with Turkey directly to a swap between the two sides on the eastern Ghouta and Afrin, where al-Ghouta was completely surrounded and today the same scenario is applied to Afrin, but Afrin situation is quite different from Ghouta still its people and their steadfastness and defend.
Russia opened the airspace to Turkish enemy planes and then agreed with Turkey to bring its forces to occupy these areas. For Syrian government, it made statements against Turkish aggression and denounced it, but there was actually no official defense by its army.
The military forces sent by Syrian state are popular units and we respect that step. They sacrificed their lives to defend Syrian territory. But the situation of Syrian state was weak for this moment it did not show that rigor to defend its sovereignty, knowing that it could use its air defenses.

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