TEV-DEM warns Turkish occupation of resettlement refugees in villages of Afrin

TEV-DEM warns Turkish occupation of resettlement refugees in villages of Afrin
-The Executive Body of Democratic Society Movement warned the Turkish occupation of following the policies of demographic change and resettlement of refugees and displaced people in the villages of Afrin, warning at the same time refugees from the Syrian people not to be dragged behind the tricks of the Turkish state, which wants to use them as fuel for war in the areas of fighting and conflict.
Executive Committee of the Movement for Democratic Society issued a statement on the news of the beginning of the Turkish occupation to implement the policies of demographic change in the province of Afrin and the resettlement of refugees and displaced persons from Atma camp in the villages of Afrin,
“The goals and objectives for which Turkey began the occupation of Afrin safe and villages since the twentieth of January of this year until this moment did not need the efforts and investigation to see the truth has been revealed these goals by our people from the beginning and even in the stages of preparations, Turkey In addition to what is always announced, it seeks to create a fragmentation within the state of unity and coexistence that exists in our region and throughout Syria and is working to create long-term factors of confrontation in order to gain more chances to occupy Afrin completely.
Despite the Turkish breach of all international covenants with regard to its interference in Syria and its use of heavy and prohibited weapons, including aircraft. The last point where the world was challenged was manifested in its rejectionist and non-intrusive stance towards UN Resolution 2401, and continues to pursue that challenge. Options of ethnic conflict and this is contrary to the values of the United Nations.
In the middle of the summer of 2015, Turkey began using Syrian refugees as a pressure card against Europe after its accession negotiations with the European Union stalled. Today, it is also using refugees as one of the strategic weapons in the war during its aggressive campaign against Afrin, which explains the lies of the Turkish state and the falsification of its promotions The Turkish state of refugees from Atma camp on the Turkish-Syrian border to the villages and border areas within Afrin, which were and still are hotbeds of confrontation, with dire consequences. The areas in which resettlement is planned are primarily a major threat to the lives of civilians.
We in the executive body of the Movement for Democratic Society (TEV-DEM) condemn and condemn in the strongest terms this dirty game in which humanitarian cases are used to escape the war in Syria towards the refugee camps and Turkey today wants to incite them in their unjustified war against our people through settlement schemes and models similar to the strife that sought The Baath regime in the sixties of the last century through the project of the Arab belt, which was a game to spread strife and discrimination between the Syrians was the first beneficiary of them are the Baath authorities.
We fully affirm that we are not against any Syrian component. Since the beginning of the revolution and the Syrian crisis, Afrin has received hundreds of thousands of displaced people from other Syrian regions and embraced them without hesitation, but we do not want any Syrian group to be the spearhead of the Turkish state or any other party against a Syrian party else

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