81 Fighters of Deir-ez-Zor Joined to ranks SDF

81 Fighters of Deir-ez-Zor Joined to ranks SDF
81 Fighters of Deir-ez-Zor children have been joined to Syrain Democratic Forces (SDF) ended a20 day training course
he course under the nameof the martyr Rizan Qamishlo whose name is Mjawal al-Muhammad who was martyred during his participation in the campaign to liberate Manbij city on 4 July 2016.
During the 20 days of training, trainees received intellectual and military lessons.QAMISL-DAWIKRNA-BIRORDA-81-SERVANI (1)
Leaders and fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Asayish forces, dozens of people from district and the family of the martyr Rizan attended the gradution ceremony .
The ceremony began with the presentation of a military parade by the graduates, and then the leader of Syrian Democratic Forces(SDF), Rojvan Qamishlo word congurtulated fighters to end the session, noting that the protection of our homeland is the most important duties on us.
And Rojvan followed said ” Through training, fighters must be ready to protect their land and offer, and their primary goal is to free our regions from terrorism wherever they are.
Then, Fajr Yahya Mohammed, brother of the martyr Rizan Qamishlo delivered a speech in which he said: “I congratulate this graduation on all the families of the martyrs and on the fighters, and we affirm that our land is liberated by the blood of these martyrs.QAMISL-DAWIKRNA-BIRORDA-81-SERVANI (2)
Fajar ended his speech saying “Regions of North Syria will not bloom and will flourish only by following the footsteps of the martyrs, and we in the name of the family of the martyr say that we are ready to fight and fight against all enemies.
After the words ended, the fighters led the military section to join the ranks of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)and to liberate their city of Deir –ez-Zor from grip IS gangs

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