Components of Afrin bid farewell of martyrs Resistence of age

Components of Afrin bid farewell of martyrs Resistence of age
Thousands of people from North Syria and Kurdistan bid fare well of 17 bodies martyrs in the resistance of age , including 5 civilians to their last shrine in martyr ‘s Shrin Avesta Khabor.EFRIN-MERASEMA-SIHEDAN (2)
Thousands of Afrin residents and delegations of women coming from theNorth Syria, four parts of Kurdistan and Arab countries gathered in front of Avrin Hospital in Afrin, holding the flags of the People’s and Women ‘s Protection Units (YPG, YPJ), the Syrian Democratic Forces(SDF), and Flowers.
The farewell ceremony launched towards to Martyr’s Shrine Avesta carrying on their shoulders the coffin of the martyrs, amid the chanting slogans in Arabic and Kurdish greet the resistance of the ageand slogans glorifying the martyrs and slogans rejecting the Turkish occupation.
On the arrival of the shrine, the ceremony began with a minute of silence. Then a number of words were delivered by the spokeswoman of the Council of Martyrs’ Families of North Syria, Sana Askar, and on behalf of the delegation of women from four parts of Kurdistan, Bashaer Darwish and member of the Executive Body of The Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) Bdran Ciya ,and word was delivered by North Brigade Democartic (Liwa al-Shamal) Kahled
The words opinted to “The resistance of the times is resistance to a people of strong will, standing naked before the Turkish occupation army and its gangs , who use all kinds of heavy weapons and aircraft on civilians, but the response by the people of Afrin was stronger for their insistence on clinging to their land and steadfastness.”EFRIN-MERASEMA-SIHEDAN (1)
The words showed that resistance to the age “recorded heroic epics, never mentioned in history, all the people stay on their land, and that Afrin will be the castle of resistance and will be the link that can eliminate the fascism of Turkey.”
The words noted “The plans of the occupation are open to the people, which seek demographic change of the region, by emptying of Afrin region from all its components and making it a residence for mercenaries and fads, but the people of the region were more aware of the steadfastness of their soil and villages.”
After the words were delivered and the bodies of martyrs martyred in Martyr’s shrine Avista amidst slogans glorifying martyrs.
The martyrs are:
Martyrs of Syrian Democratic Foreces (SDF):
Jamal Qasim (nom de guerre is Irish Andok ), Bahoz Ozlab, Robar Qurqmaz, Neshat Muhammad (Mazloum), Hamid Hassan (Kanjo Afrin), Amer Aziz (Amad Afrin), Ziad Mustafa (Haron Hamam), Abdullah Khatib (Zafer) ,Faisal Shikho( Azouam Hosh), Hammoud Ibrahim (Mazloum Safera )
Martyrs duty to protection self-defense:
Shiyar Haji Abdo
Martyrs of Asayish forces:
Salah Kanjo
Civilian Martyrs:
Amina Mustafa, Sheikh Alloush, Asaad Mustafa, Refat Jalusi Zadeh, Abdulrahman Khalil

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