“We will withdraw our forces from east of Euphrates, send them to the fronts of Afrin”

“We will withdraw our forces from east of Euphrates, send them to the fronts of Afrin”
factions affiliated under the roof of Syrian Democratic Forces pointed out that they withdrew their forces from the east of the Euphrates and sent them to Afrin to join the Resistance of the Age.
The forces “Jaish al-Thuwar, Jabhit al-Akrad, the North Democratic Brigade, the Idlib Military Council” issued a joint statement on the transfer of their forces from the east of the Euphrates to Afrin.
The statement was read by the spokesman of the Jaish al-Thuwar Abu Omar al-Idlabi in the black stadium in the city of Raqqa and they had set off from al-Raqqa’s brick factory, which is located 5 km east of the city of Raqqa.
The statement said “
After more than 46 days of the treacherous Turkish aggression on our people and our people in the north of Syria and specifically the city of Afrin and its countryside and after the increase in the frequency of brutal shelling by land and air and the fall of dozens of innocent victims of civilians in the wake of the huge military crowds of machineries and military forces, in addition, thousands of the Syrians recruited in the Euphrates Shield who are operated and supervised by Turkish intelligence.
In the midst of all this growing military mobilization and heavy shelling of Turkish warplanes accompanied by the expansion of the fighting fronts in the city of Afrin and its countryside at vast distances.
In the face of all this very difficult situation militarily in the shadow of a suspicious silence and the unjustified international absence from all the countries of the free democratic world to what the Turkish government of Erdogan is doing.
We, the revolutionary factions operating within Syrian Democratic Forces under the umbrella of the international coalition against terrorism, have to take a decision that we did not want and do not imagine once that we can reach after all these great sacrifices of our martyrs and wounded fighters who we have fought in our battles against the terrorist organization Daesh for three consecutive years in the governorates of Aleppo, Al-Raqqa, Deir ez-Zor and al-Hasakah.
Yes, we regret that today we will make a painful decision to move our fighters from the eastern parts of the Euphrates in the rural areas of Deir ez-Zor stationed in the face of the terrorists and send them to the fronts of Afrin in the face of the Turkish aggression.
We would not have taken such a decision today had it not been for the failure of the international community to curb the Turkish aggression and put real pressure on the Erdogan government to stop its insane frenzy within our Syrian borders under the pretext of protecting Turkey’s national security.
We address the whole world and alert all governments of the free world.
What Erdogan’s Turkish government is doing in north-west Syria is an abhorrent aggression that has rekindled the spirit of a terrorist fanatic in eastern Syria after it was almost choked at the hands of Syrian Democratic Forces. The Turkish intelligence service directed the terrorist organization al-Qaeda in Idlib and the terrorist Jabhit al-Nusra is liquidating the remaining factions of the Syrian revolution so that the province of Idlib and the countryside of Western Aleppo becomes a breeding ground for Jabhit al-Nusra Front so that the satanic spirit of terrorism can be restored in western Syria.
This will happen in the east of Syria by the terrorist Daesh, gentlemen, too as all over the world we are the forces of Syria’s democracy, which the world witnessed what we have done and completed in 3 years, it was impressive and surprised how Syrian Democratic Forces within 3 years to destroy the myth of criminal Daesh, that horrific octopus, especially when we ended their alleged state and when we liberated the province of Raqqa, which made it the capital of them, but with our determination and our sacrifices we have dispersed their illusions and dreams.
Today we are addressing the international community and telling it that we find ourselves among two bitter choices
But the lack of action by the international community to stop the Turkish military aggression on the city of Afrin and its peaceful people led us to the decision to withdraw our fighters from eastern Syria in the face of terrorism calling to the west of Syria in the face of Turkish terrorism because Afrin is the sunrise dream of a free democratic Syria, Afrin symbol of coexistence between different nationalities and communities of all Syrians today are witnessing a massacre because of the lust for Turkish expansion, with illusive arguments that are not acceptable to a sound mind.
Today we have chosen after 46 days of the Turkish aggression on Afrin steadfastness to go to defend it and make our lives to protect our parents from all walks of life of the Syrian people after the inability of the international community to help us and eventually address the Syrians recruited by the Turkish intelligence in the war against us and tell them.
We are Syrians and the olive branch is a symbol of peace and a symbol of ours, not the olive branch that is fighting a futile war, so you Syrians who are involved in the aggression of the Olive Branch are a homeland for us all. Come together to unite our words and work together. It is a shame that the Syrians are fighting their Syrian siblings for the agenda of a brutal state. It is a shame to raise our arms against each other, why do you become the fuel of the Turkish war against our Syrian people? Why?
Why is this happening under the guidance of a country whose leaders have been for seven years making hollow statements … and drawing red lines?
The Syrians will surely disappear, Syria will remain and the Syrians will remain loyal and honest. So we are still extending a hand to peace, as we carry with the other hand a weapon to ward off aggression.
Syria for the Syrians … Our goal is to build a homeland and defeat terrorism in all its forms.
Syrian Democratic Forces
Long live the resistance of Afrin

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يتوجب عليك أن تعلم أنه من الممكن أن يتم جمع المعلومات والبيانات تلقائيا من خلال استخدام الملفات النصية (كوكيز). وهي ملفات نصية صغيرة يتم من خلالها حفظ المعلومات الأساسية التي يستخدمها موقع الشبكة من أجل تحديد الاستخدامات المتكررة للموقع وعلى سبيل المثال، استرجاع اسمك إذا تم إدخاله مسبقا. قد نستخدم هذه المعلومات من أجل متابعة السلوك وتجميع بيانات كلية من أجل تحسين الموقع، واستهداف الإعلانات وتقييم الفعالية العامة لمثل هذه الإعلانات. لا تندمج هذه الملفات النصية ضمن نظام التشغيل الخاص بك ولا تؤذي ملفاتك. وإن كنت تفضل عدم جمع المعلومات من خلال استخدام الملفات النصية، تستطيع اتباع إجراء بسيط من خلال معظم المتصفحات والتي تمكنّك من رفض خاصية تنزيل الملفات النصية. ولكن لا بد أن تلاحظ، أن الخدمات الموجهّة لك شخصيا قد تتأثر في حال اختيار تعطيل خيار الملفات النصية. إذا رغبت في تعطيل خاصية إنزال الملفات النصية اضغط الرابط هنا للتعليمات التي ستظهر في نافذة منفصلة.