Bulbul people challenge war circumstances

Bulbul people challenge war circumstances
The people of Bulbul district continue their daily lives despite the Turkish bombardment that affects their villages, pointing out that they organized themselves according to the requirements of the stage they are going through.
With the entry of Resistance of the age its 44 day since the beginning of the attacks by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries on Afrin canton on 20 January this year which caused on the destruction of civilian homes in border villages that are subjected to indiscriminate bombing, and forced the people of these villages to come to neighboring villages.
The people of the district continue their daily lives without interruption. The people of the Bulbul district villages organized their daily lives according to the situation and the requirements of the stage in which the area passes, where you find the villages are crowded with people who are still in their villages, and the children are playing in the village square,
“The shells of the Turkish occupation target residential areas and fall indiscriminately on our villages,” says Hanan Sido.
“Erdogan’s mercenaries will not be able to get us out of our villages, because we organized ourselves according to the circumstances of the war to protect ourselves and our families. The Turkish occupation can not break our will because we are the owners of this land,” he said.
“We will not leave our villages for occupation, because the people of Afrin chose steadfastness and resistance along with their sons and daughters in People’s and Women’s Protection Units against the Turkish occupation,” he said.
For his part, Ahmed Sayed described the Turkish attacks by inhumanity. He said: “The sons of Rojava have defeated terrorism in most of the Syrian regions, and how can Erdogan accuse the Kurds of terrorism?”
Sido ended his speech saying,”The whole world knows that Turkey supported terrorism in Syria and its goal was to end and break the will of the Kurdish people in North Syria.

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