Turkey commits massacres in Afrin, NATO taking pulse of Baghdad

Turkey commits massacres in Afrin, NATO taking pulse of Baghdad
Arab newspapers said that Turkey intensified its attacks on civilians in Afrin in conjunction with the concern of the international community to the conditions of the eastern Ghouta, and struck the UN resolution is a wall and committed massacres in it, and in Iraq, NATO seeks to strengthen its military presence there to stay in Palestine and continue preparations to hold the National Council.
The regime controls 40% of al-Ghouta and Human Rights Council decides to open an investigation
“The Syrian regime controls 40 % of al-Ghouta and forces the aid convoy to leave,” the Arab daily Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper reported.
“The Syrian army on Monday made further progress in the eastern Ghouta near Damascus and controls 40 % of this besieged area, in conjunction with the martyrdom of 73 civilians as a result of continued aerial bombardment,” the newspaper said. Progress coincided with the departure of UN aid convoy that entered the eastern Ghouta on Monday after receiving instructions from the Syrian regime and Russia. The convoy was forced to leave without being able to unload 9 trucks out of 46 trucks. “
Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper also referred to the same issue, saying “the regime is confiscating medical supplies from al-Ghouta aid.” The system “did not allow the entry of many essential medical items, including” first aid kits “to al-Ghouta.
“The Human Rights Council decides to open an investigation into al-Ghouta siege,” the newspaper said “The UN Human Rights Council has ordered an urgent investigation into the situation in eastern Damascus Ghouta, calling for immediate access to humanitarian aid,” the newspaper said.
Turkey commits massacres in Afrin
For its part, Al-Arab newspaper referred to the Turkish aggression on Afrin and said in this context, “Turkey is escalating in Afrin, exploiting the international concern in Al-Ghouta.” The newspaper said: “With the beginning of the Syrian regime’s operation on Al-Ghouta located on the outskirts of the capital Damascus and the focus of the international community on serious violations in this part, Turkey, in this regard, sought to intensify its attacks on Afrin without giving any consideration to the civilians there. It is in violation of the UN resolution passed two weeks ago and provides for a total cease-fire in Syria for 30 days. “
“Observers are likely that Turkey will increase the frequency of air and ground bombing in the coming days, which will mean the fall of more civilian casualties, especially as they are approaching the populated areas.”
“13 civilians were martyred on Monday by Turkish air strikes targeting a town in the Kurdish-majority region of Afrin, which is witnessing an attack by Ankara and pro-Syrian factions,” the newspaper said. As Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.
Preparations are continued for the National Council
On the Palestinian issue, Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper said: “Preparations are under way for holding of« National »before May 5 and new calls for Hamas and Jihad,” The newspaper said, “Salim al-Zanoun, President of the Palestinian National Council revealed that preparations are underway for a session of National Council no later than the 5th of May next, while a member of the Executive Committee, the existence of five factions support the convening of the Council in its current form, amid aspirations for the approval of Hamas and Islamic Jihad to participate in this meeting.
NATO is taking pulse of Baghdad
On the Iraqi issue, Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper reported that “the conflict between the Islamists and the Iraqi secularists” intensified, while Al-Hayat Newspaper “Atlantic” confirms the survival of its soldiers in Iraq. “Al-Arab newspaper said,” Baghdad restores oil wealth to Iraqi cadres. Stoltenberg is seeking in Baghdad the expansion of NATO’s mission in Iraq. “
The newspaper said, “The visit by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Monday reflected the desire of NATO to take the pulse of Baghdad on the direction of alliance to strengthen its military presence on Iraqi territory in non-combat missions is to train the Iraqi army to resist terrorism, it involves a big symbolic distance for the United States, which is pushing the alliance to participate in a military presence in Iraq that it wants to extend beyond the end of war to more ISIS organization
Sana’a is experiencing a critical economic crisis
In the Yemeni context, the Arab press referred to the battles between the Yemeni army and Ansar Allah al-Houthi. Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper said in this regard, “Two Saudi soldiers were killed on the border with Yemen.” The Arab press also referred to the living crisis in Sana’a, where the Middle East newspaper “Houthi fuel crisis” paralyzing Sana’a” and the newspaper Al-Arab London, said “popular unrest in Sana’a with the increasing difficulty of living conditions.”
“The Yemeni capital of Sana’a is experiencing a state of extreme tension due to the deterioration of living conditions to unprecedented levels, which have been manifested in the scarcity of basic commodities and the high prices of them. The city under the control of the Houthi militia in recent days has seen frequent attempts by young people, In some locations to protest the scarcity of commodities, including domestic gas, but the security grip of the militia prevented the expansion of the circle of protest
The people of Sana’a and the areas controlled by the Houti coupists wake up from the shock of the “domestic gas crisis,” which ignited a few days ago the militias, even surprised them on Monday«gasoline crisis» that has paralyzed traffic in the capital, in part, led to the lifting of the price of fuel to a record appropriated. “

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