” Occupation aims to strike people’s fraternity in north of Syria”

” Occupation aims to strike people’s fraternity in north of Syria”
The commune of Martyr Mazloum works in the village of Hassan Dera in Maidankh district in Afrin to serve the people in all respects. It also informs the villagers of the need to cooperate with each other in times of war in Afrin canton..EFRIN-DAGİRKER E KU ARMANCA BERBİÇAV (3)
The village of Hassan Dera is located in the north-west of Maidankh district 8 km away from the center of Bilbila district 17 km, and the village is estimated at 150 hectares, most of which are planted with olive trees in addition to the cultivation of grain.
In their daily lives, the villagers rely on agriculture in the first place, in addition to trade, industry and livestock. In the village there is a mosque and a primary school, as well as archaeological sites and caves.
The village was named “Hassan Dera” According to the accounts of the elderly in the village that the first inhabited by a man named Hassan .
The village of Hassan Dera is also known as the village of the late artist Mohamed Ali Tijou, known locally for his revolutionary and folkloric songs.
There are several cultures and sects in the village of Hassan Dera, including Circassians, Arabs and Kurds, which are about 2,000 according to the statistics of the Syrian government in 2004.EFRIN-DAGİRKER E KU ARMANCA BERBİÇAV (4)
After the July 19 revolution in Rojava the village residents organized their lives on the basis of participatory life. The villagers formed their own commune and there are several committees in the commune to follow up the affairs of the village. .
Today, the members of the commune visit the villagers on a daily basis to familiarize them with the measures used in cases of war, and organize themselves, especially when the shells fall on the village and take shelter from the shelling, since the village is being bombed from time to time by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries.
During the tour of ANHA correspondents within the village, the members of the commune were also walking around the village to see the situation of the people closely. The shops were open, and the village school was closed due to the fierce war launched by the Turkish occupation on Afrin district and the shelling of the village .
The people said “We are here and despite the bombing, we go to the village on a daily basis to inform the people about how to organize their lives on the basis of war. We also provide the residents with all the needs in all aspects:” water, health, electricity and other necessities ” .

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