Bulbul in brief

Bulbul in brief
its geographical topography and high mountains and rich natural resources, made them a strategic center in Afrin regionEFRIN-DANASINA BILBILE (6)
Bulbul district is located on the north-eastern side of Afrin canton bordered on the east by Shara and parts of the Turkish border, and on the north by Turkey, to the west by Rajo, to the south by parts of Shara and Rajo.
The population of Bulbul district is 46 thousand people according to the statistics conducted by the Syrian government in 2010, and follow Bulbul district of Rajo and administratively annexed 47 villages, mostly of the Kurdish component and inhabited by some families of the Circassian component, and embrace the people of the region religion of Islam.
There are many religious shrines in the area, such as the Sheikh Hamza Shrine, Yaghmur Shrine.
There are 33 primary and preparatory schools in Bulbul district but the students in Secondary school went to Midanki district’s shools
It is surrounded by forest forests with a wide range of trees such as cypress, pine, saak and oak, as well as olive and vine trees.
“Ghar”, overlooking the town of Bulbula, is the highest peak in the Hawar mountain range in Afrin canton , 1269 meters above sea level.
The name of the summit is named after the spread of the wolves (Gur) in that region, and the mountain “Ghar” contains many underground treasures such as iron and colored marble.EFRIN-DANASINA BILBILE (5)
The springs are popular in Bulbul town and its villages, including the spring of Pike, Alikaro, Zara and Berakha. Popular stories say that Bulbul town was due to the spread of the Bulbuls on the banks of the spring of Berkasha, which passes through the center of the town.
A main road leads from the center of the town to two parts, the first arriving at the center of Rajo from the west, and the second in the center of Shara from the south.
The strategic importance of Bulbul is that it contains high mountain ranges overlooking most of the villages and towns of Afrin region The Turkish occupation army and its terrorists have launched violent attacks from the border village axis in the northern part of the district center continuously since January 20 to dominate it.

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