YPJ: Our forces frighten occupiers

YPJ: Our forces frighten occupiers
The general command of Women’s Protection Units explained that history writes in the hands of women in Resistance of the Age, and said that Women’s Protection Units instill fear in the hearts of enemies.
The General Command of the Women’s Protection Units issued a statement on the resistance and sacrifice of women in Resistance of the age and the gains they make in their war against the occupation.
The text of the statement:
“In the history of any people there are values based on, in the history of our people there are resistors written history in gold letters.”
The Resistance of the Age entered its 44th day. Undoubtedly the Resistance of the Age is based on the legacy of Kobani resistance and today the same resistance continues in Afrin. The fact of the beautiful life has made dozens of young women and men turn themselves into shields and resist even the last breath in the face of all brutal attacks by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries of Jabhat al-Nsara and al-Qaeda to defend their land.
The brutal attacks on the Afrin region continue on a daily basis and these attacks are aimed at annihilating the people. The Turkish state wants to repeat the Ottoman massacres and follow the footsteps of its fathers and grandfathers in looting, which is clearly manifested in Afrin today.
We are a guerrilla force .. YPJ frighten the occupiers
In the spirit of Areen Mirkan and Avista Khabor we continue the Resistance of the Age. Kurdish women write history in Afrin in the spirit of resistance. The Women’s Protection Units frighten the occupiers .
The will of our people is stronger than the technology of the occupiers
Forty-four days ago, the Turkish state and its mercenaries launched attacks on the territory of Afrin with planes, tanks, Katusha rockets, mortars and all kinds of advanced technology. In spite of all their brutal practices, fighters of the People’s and Women’s Protection Units resist and show a historic tournament. Until now, the technology used against Afrin if used against any country could not withstand 24 hours.
In the resistance shown, it is clear that our will of our people are stronger than all kinds of technology. With our steadfastness in Afrin we have shown this again to all the world and humanity. We will certainly resist the Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries until the last breath.
Greetings to Afrin’s women resistors
In the face of brutal attacks aimed at occupying our land, with confidence, love and struggle, the dirty schemes of the dominant powers will be thwarted. For those who bargain against Afrin and try to carry out their dirty plans at their expense, there will be freedom fighters in Afrin who walk along the lines of Areen, Kalhat, Rifan, Biman, Dostina, Avista and Barin.
We at the General Command of the Women’s Protection Units pay tribute to our people who came from Şengal al-Jazeera, Kobani, al-Raqqa, al-Tabqa, Deir ez-Zor, Aleppo, the delegation of Kurdistan women who came from Başûr Kurdistan to support the Resistance of the Age. We also salute from our hearts the women of Afrin standing resistors alongside their fighters. We say that as women’s Protection Units we will continue to struggle for freedom to the last drop of blood in our bodies.

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