Occupation Afrin is starting point for stabilizing enemy feet in North Syrian

Occupation Afrin is starting point for stabilizing enemy feet in North Syrian
The Representative of the National Coordinating Committee for the Democratic Change Movement in al-Jazeera , Ibrahim Waleed Issa, said that the Turkish occupation before launching its military operation failed in many schemes in which he intends to install his foot in the region and plunder its resources and extend his influence. He now wants to occupy Afrin to reach his goals.
Hawar news gaency (ANHA) held interviewed with the representive of the National Coordination for Democratic Change Movement in al-Jazeera canton waleed Issa During visit of the delegation of political parties from al-Jazzera canton and North Syria to Afrin canton to express solidarity with the people of resistance to the age .
Issa pointed out that history is witness to another Stalin Grad through the steadfast Afrin is now Afrin Grad, and indeed it is resistant to the age in terms of steadfastness and resistance to its youth, pointing out that the project of the Turkish occupation looms in the horizon since 2012 was calling for the occupation of North Syria from Jarablus and Azaz up to Afrin passing To the mountain of al-Zaweya in Adlib, and even reach the mountain of the Kurds and Turkmen in Lattakia, to hunt birds with one stone, the first plundering the good of the region through access to the gas reservoirs in the Syrian coast and the other to hit the Kurdish .presence in North Syria
Issa also noted that there was collusion between Turkey and other parties and prepared projects in the east of the Euphrates to reach Kirkuk and Sengal l for annexation to the Kurdistan region and after the failure of that project began the Turkish occupation army directed its military to occupy the northern Syrian, and there were parties supporting the Turkish occupation, including the role of the Syrian National Council He promised to sign contracts for the export of Syrian gas and oil to Turkey at the lowest prices and that the facilities that were destroyed in light of the Syrian crisis for Turkish companies and this is a major occupation project and must unite and wrap people with each other and cling to national unity.
Issa went on to appeal to those who were calling for nationalism and the unity of the Syrian territories , who accused self-government as separatists where they are now from the Turkish invasion of Syria, and that the silence that prevails over the attacks of the Turkish occupation army stems from a purely Chauvinistic reality.
“Afrin is part of Syria and its occupation is tantamount to the occupation of any other region of Syria and therefore occupation of all of Syria and we appeal to every Syrian national and their different sects to stand next to Afrin,”.

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