Results of military operations in Afrin over past 24 hours revealed

Results of military operations in Afrin over past 24 hours revealed
The Media Center of the Syrian Democratic Forces confirmed that the clashes continue in many areas of Afrin and said that the Turkish state continues to commit massacres against civilians in a statement issued today for the outcome of military operations in the past 24 hours.
The text of the statement issued by the Media Center of the Syrian Democratic Forces:
“Despite the issuance of the UN Security Council Resolution No. 2401, which obliges all parties to stop hostilities, the Turkish state continues to violate international resolutions and targets our people in Afrin with various types of weapons and air raids, which expose our people to systematic annihilation. Therefore; our forces are forced to defend themselves, and this aggression was repelled.
The following are the results of self-defense operations in Afrin canton:
1 – Mobata/Al-Moabatli: Since days and the Turkish occupation army and mercenaries allied with it (Jabhit al-Nusra and Daesh) progress from the center of Badina district and our forces confronted and clashed with them directly, where clashes broke out yesterday afternoon in the vicinity of the district, and continued until the evening causing terrorists losses in lives.
The death toll of the enemy reached 30 dead and dozens injured.
– On the outskirts of Mirkan village, indiscriminate shelling continued with heavy weapons and targeted civilians directly. Many of them were wounded in the shelling.
2 – Rajo: Our forces spotted the movement of a military machinery of the Turkish occupation army and mercenaries allied with it in the village of Giwanda and targeted it directly destroying 7 terrorists inside it.
– These movements were accompanied by heavy and indiscriminate aerial bombardment of the axis of the village of Musaka, to Raju, and attempts by the Turkish occupation army and allied mercenaries to advance on this axis.
– Under the cover of heavy aerial bombardment, indiscriminate artillery infiltrated groups of the Turkish occupation army and mercenaries allied with it to the entrance to the town of Rajo and clashed with our forces since morning hours and the clashes continue until the time of preparation of this report.
Janders: At 09:00 hours late last night, a gray and hamilka village was the target of the Turkish air occupation, where helicopters launched several raids on the villages.
– In continuation of the genocide methodology, the Turkish state continues to commit massacres against civilians. The Turkish tanks targeted a civilian vehicle that was evacuating civilians from the areas of engagement in the village of Hujailer yesterday, and directly bombed it, killing eight civilians and injuring 12 others. The Turkish state carried out the murder of the bodies and the wounded and took them to the city of Rihaniyah inside Turkey.
– Our forces spotted the terrorist of the so-called Sultan Mohammed Al-Fatih Brigade by stealing and plundering the houses of the villagers in the village of Baflor. Our forces targeted them directly. Four cars were destroyed and some were killed.
– It is noteworthy that this axis was the target of heavy air strikes, which lasted from yesterday night until the hours of this morning
– On the axis of the village of Jalamah, while a military vehicle was trying to advance towards the village, our forces confronted and destroyed it completely.
4 – Shera: The villages of this axis were the target of indiscriminate shelling heavy weapons over the last night until the early hours of the morning and focused on the villages of Sinka/Sinkerly, Berava, Kafar Janah, and the center of the town of Shera.
– The artillery shelling was accompanied by aerial bombardment that continued from the previous night without interruption until this morning. The enemy aircraft launched air raids on the camp of Kafar Janah, Sinka/Sinkerli, Çema, Kharabah Shara, Bafloun and heavy shelling of Kharrabah Shera center.
– Continuing clashes in the axis of the center of the village of Bafelyon and Çema, our fighters were able to destroy two BMB armored vehicles and confirm the killing of 16 terrorists this morning.
The clashes continued at the Bafelyon axis. Another military vehicle was destroyed and 10 people were killed at 10 am today. The clashes continued until the time of preparation of this report. Our forces destroyed a military vehicle laden with Dushka weapons this afternoon.
– The concentration points of the Popular Units of the Syrian Arab Army were also targeted by the Turkish air raids, which lasted from 5 am to 10 am.
– On the axis of the village of Mashal, the Turkish occupation aircraft launched raids on the village since the afternoon today is still shelling until the moment of preparation of this report and the initial result indicate the fall of 5 civilians Martyrs and a number of other wounded

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