Point explosion of Sheikh Maksoud’s resistance… moment of Bakur’s martyrdom

Point explosion of Sheikh Maksoud’s resistance… moment of Bakur’s martyrdom
The legendary resistance of the small neighborhood, which surprised the world passed two years where the victory was motivated by the insistence of the fighters to steadfast in their points and liberation of their lands from the abomination of terrorism and among these points … The point martyrdom of the martyr Bakur, son of the Kurdish city Sulaymaniyah known as Mokhabrat street ..
Many events took place in the city of Aleppo, which was inhabited by many generations of different races and religions and turned into a battlefield. Sheikh Maksoud was a greater witness to the resistance since the six decades of war and the battles that are taking place in Syria.
The fighters of people Protection Units were the people who carried out in the neighborhood the principles of resistance and the real meaning of the courage to the whole world by confronting them and standing in the face of 27 battalions and different mercenary battalions supported by the Turkish occupation, They surrounded the neighborhood from its three sides and used internationally prohibited weapons.
In Sheikh Maksoud behind each stone the story of resistance line fighter until they reached the rank of martyrdom, places of martyrdom turned to places sacred and deplorable tales of all passersby from there.
Al-Mokhabrat … one of the most violent fronts experienced by the fighters
Among the most violent fronts on the three axes, the front of al-Mokhabrat street, which was stationed in the martyr commander Bakur and his companions, specifically at the point that was called “point of Diraj,” that point between the Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood and Sikin al-Shibabi, It is also the separation between Sikin al-Shibabi and Ashrafieh, which were under the control of mercenaries supported by the Turkish occupation at the time.
The point of al-Mokhabrat street was a random Arab house that was not armed with cement or iron, compared with the neighborhoods controlled by mercenary groups, which consisted of iron-reinforced concrete buildings and five stories that gave them preference in the battles. However, the will refused to abandon the land of their forefathers, In order to do so.
The fighter Qandil Alep from one of the comrades of the commander martyr Bakur and from the same front, recalling the days of battles and resistance “It was difficult days passed us We were besieged by 7000 mercenaries used all weapons.”2018-2-26-HLB-HEVALIN-SEHID-BAKOR-DEEXVEN ‫(1)‬ ‫‬
Despite all this, we resisted and won because we are the owners of thought, the moral and wise decisions that was given to us by the commander Bakur was increasing us eager to cling to our territories.
Bakur .. sacrificed to recover the body of his companion martyr
During the intensification of battles on all fronts, specifically on the seventh day of April intensified mercenaries shells of hatred on the neighborhood and the points of fighters units to prepare for the invasion of the neighborhood, but their attempts were met with a strong response by the fighters of the units, despite the fall of the missiles as rain.
While trying to repel the mercenary attacks on the point, fighter Akeid Babai joined the rank of martyr to take the commander Bakur to retrieve the body of his martyred companion without thinking of the heavy bullets and missiles directed at him.
The resistance was crowned with victory at the moment of martyrdom
After the martyrdom of the commander in Aleppo Bakur in front of the fighters as he tries to save one of his fighters determination of all the fighters ordered them to follow his footsteps and work on his recommendations in the protection of the people and the defeat of mercenaries whatever the cost, and this is what the fighters through the victory over 7,000 mercenaries and dispel their dreams as well as the liberation of the people and civilians in the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo seven months after his martyrdom to lay his soul in peace.
We are ready to participate in the Resistance of the Age to achieve the precepts of martyr Bakur
The fighters Zerdasht and Qandil at the end of their conversation that they continue to participate in the resistance of The Age to avenge their companion Bakur and follow his steps in protecting the people and build a free homeland for them, stressing that the occupation army will not withstand the courage and steadfastness of the students of the martyr Bakur .
It is worth mentioning that martyr Bakur is the third son of a national family from Sulaymaniyah in Başûr Kurdistan(South of Kurdistan) and a brother of two martyrs who were martyred within the Kurdistan Freedom Movement.

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