Other photos reveal relationship of Turkish state with IS

Other photos reveal relationship of Turkish state with IS
s the Resistance of the Age enters its 40th day against the Turkish occupation army and terrorist groups, more documents appear on the use of the Turkish occupation army elements of al-Qaeda terrorist and they are remnants of IS, against the Kurds in Afrin. The documents also revealed the existence of Turkmen groups listed in the world terrorist regulations on the Afrin fronts.
The mercenaries of IS who supposed to be detained sent to Afrin
After the liberation of al-Raqqa from mercenaries, many mercenary elements moved to Turkey via different routes. According to information, Turkish police forces raided the secret houses of mercenaries and called for the arrest of many of them. The Turkish Ministry of Justice reported the arrest of 4 persons while the nature of the sentences issued against them was kept secret. Since the authorities of the Justice and Development Party(AKP) and the Fascist Nationalist Party have from the very beginning been sponsoring and harboring mercenaries who used them against the Kurdish people. In an attack by the Turkish occupation against Afrin, AKP once again resorted to the use of mercenaries.
The photos are talking
The pictures obtained by Hawar news agency from Afrin show once again the close relationship between Turkish intelligence (al-Mit) and IS mercenaries. The photos show a mercenary commander of Sultan Murad Brigade called Fahim Issa accompanied by a Turkish intelligence official in Idlib and Jrablos and one of the mercenaries those released from the prison in the city of Entebbe and sent to Afrin. Turkish intelligence works in particular to take out the mercenaries in the prisons of Entebbe, Kelis and Hatay and bring them to Afrin, and distribute them among the mercenary factions .
Turkmen groups
Among the mercenary groups fighting in Afrin are groups belonging to the Turkmen Islamic Movement, where 400 Turkmen terrorists have been sent to the front fronts, particularly on the fronts of Jindriss, Rajo and Bilbala. According to the information, the Turkish army is using Turkmen groups in offensive operations to raise the morale of the other mercenary groups.
The name of the Turkmen Islamic Movement listed in the international and regional regulations of terrorism, which also signed by Turkey.

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