Details of Yilankuz massacre

Details of Yilankuz massacre
The Turkish occupation army committed a massacre of civilians in Yilankuz village in Janders area, 5 civilians were martyred and injuring a civilian, while the co-chair of Health Council in Afrin canton Anjela Resho that since the beginning of the Turkish occupation attacks, the number of martyrs reached to 199 and 601others wounded.EFRIN-KOMKOJIYA-YELANQOZ ‫(1)‬
Since January 20, the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries have continued their attacks on Afrin canton, causing massive damage to villages and border towns in the canton. Hundreds of civilians have been martyred and wounded.
On 26 February, the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries targeted a clothing shop and a shop of used clothing shop, shops selling steel doors, fuels shop. As a result of heavy shelling, five civilians were martyred and a civilian was seriously injured and they are received treatment in one of Afrin hospitals.
The crew of Hawar news agency was able to reach the massacre place in Yelankuz village to convey the true picture of the massacre.
When our agency correspondents arrived to the massacre place, dozens of artillery shells fell, and two citizens, Mahmoud Mangawi and Muhammad Walid, from the Janders area were martyred.
Damage caused by shelling
The bombing left a huge destruction in sewing workshop, where about 25 workers were working. As a result of the heavy bombardment of the Turkish air raids, all the sewing machines in the workshop were broken down and there were about 15 sewing machines in addition to the destruction of the building in which the sewing workshop was located.
The shelling also caused the burning of fabrics and clothes in the workshop. The damage caused by the shelling was estimated at millions.
The shop next to the workshop, which was used clothing, all the clothes inside the shop were burned completely, not to mention the destruction of the shop in full, which is estimated at millions as well.EFRIN-KOMKOJIYA-YELANQOZ ‫(38928897)‬ ‫‬
As a result of the heavy shelling, the buildings and houses adjacent to the massacre place were severely damaged.
199 martyrs and 601 wounded
“Since the beginning of the Turkish aggression against the canton, the occupation has targeted civilians. The bombing resulted in the destruction of infrastructure and vital places. Since the beginning of the attacks, 199 civilians have been martyred and 601 wounded,” the co-chair of Health Council in Afrin canton, Anjela Resho, said.
“There are still dozens of civilians being treated in the canton’s hospitals, and there are fears of rising martyrs numbers because some of the wounded are in critical condition and shelling continues,” said Anjela Resho.
The video shows the fact of the Turkish occupation army target of civilians and vital places. The video also depicts Turkish media that the Turkish occupation targets military places.

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