Qamişlo’ people we are all Afrin Video

Qamişlo’ people we are all AfrinVideo
The people of Qamişlo city, who revolt and in a demonstration to support the Resistance of the Age said that each of them is Afrin, and that the mercenaries of Erdogan cannot break their will. They pointed out that this was not the first time they were attacked by the mercenaries of Erdogan.
In order to support the Resistance of the Age and to denounce the attacks of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenary groups, which have killed dozens of civilians so far, the people of Qamişlo have moved to the squares. The people of Qamişlo denounced the attacks of the Turkish state and its mercenaries.
Erdogan is leader of IS and the United Nations is Erdogan’s ally
The citizen Wadha Wanki expressed her support and support for Afrin. She said:”Afrin do not care. we were more than 7 people we have become 70 million. Because we followed the thought of the leader Apo. “
The citizen Abde al-Elah Khalaf, who expressed his anger at the silence of humanitarian organizations and European countries about what is happening in Afrin “Erdogan is targeting children and civilians. We will no longer appeal to human rights organizations and the United Nations because they have abandoned the oppressed people and allied themselves with the oppressor.”
Many of Erdogan’s plans have failed and this plan will also fail
The citizen Haji Berber said “Afrin learn well that we are all Afrin, and Erdogan also know that, as failed his previous plans will fail his plan to Afrin also. Human rights organizations turn a blind eye to crimes committed. They were saying that peace would be resolved in Syria, but Erdogan continues to attack the Kurdish people. “
The age of the trees and stones is 100 years old and the mercenaries will not be able to move them from their place
The citizen Issa Qartmani expressed his support for the Afrin residents: “We the Kurds are one body and Erdogan’s mercenaries cannot break our will. This is not the first time that Erdogan’s mercenaries have attacked us. Afrin is the city of Aren and Barin. The age of every stone and every tree in Afrin 100 years and Erdogan’s mercenaries will not be able to move them from their place. “

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