Turkish state kills the civilians and fabricates lies

Turkish state kills the civilians and fabricates lies
Day after day, the resistance of our people in Afrin is increasingly determined to respond to aggression and to defeat it. Day by day, the Turkish state and its terrorist factions become more and more brutal and terrorized.
On 23-Feb-2018, a convoy of activists who came from different areas of north Syria including Kurds, Arabs, Turkmen, Assyrians, Christians and Muslims marched to Afrin canton to express their solidarity with the resistance of the era and denounce the brutal terroristic invasion.
However, the Turkish state and its terrorist factions could not bear to see the civilians challenging the Turkish terror making tools and weapons.The people in the convoy, despite the scenes of slaughter, corpses and killing of civilians in cold blood, did not fear them and walked confidently towards Afrin.TheTurkish state and its terrorist factions directly targeted the convoy of civilians, where martyrs and wounded were reported in the convoy.
As the Turkish state is used to fabricate the lies, some Turkish leaders claimed on media that the convoy was armed, as also claimed by the Turkish president and the chief staff of Turkish army.
The convoy was marching under media lances, where many journalists of various channels were in the convoy and every body knows that the convoy was civilian and unarmed, as every body knows the Turkish state does not hesitate to commit all types crimes, including slaughtering the civilians, which is part of Turkish state and army heritage, even some of the crimes commited by the Turkish army are not committed by ISIS.
We call upon the world public opinion and the humanitarian organisation to conduct an investigation for these crimes and reveal its circumstances.

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