KCK: Language is most illustrative gift of people’s existence ,distinction

KCK: Language is most illustrative gift of people’s existence ,distinction
The Training Committee of the Kurdistan Community Union congratulated the World Mother Language Day and said that “Language is the most important gift for the existence and distinction of the peoples”.
The Training Committee of KCK issued a written statement in conjunction with the World Mother Language Day.
The text of the statement:
“Once again we congratulate the World Mother Language Day. Language is the most important gift of the existence and distinction of peoples. Peoples and societies that cannot protect their language and culture, develop and modernize them become instruments of oppression and occupation by the rulers. Throughout history, many languages of peoples have been oppressed, and Kurdish history is a shining example of this suffering. History is alive and is embodied today. The occupation is trying to reproduce itself today in Afrin. The history of racism and occupation practiced by Turkey, Iran, al- Baathist regime as well as the Iraqi is the history of physical genocide and cultural genocide, as well as the extermination of the mother tongue.
The occupied regimes continue to practice cultural genocide to this day through policies of denial and extermination. The struggle of the PKK and leader Ocelan blocked the continuation of policies of denial and physical and cultural genocide. Before the emergence of PKK, Kurdish, Kurdish and Kurdish culture were on the verge of decay. With the continued struggle of the leader Ocelan and the sacrifices of tens of thousands of martyrs it is possible to restore freedom and belonging to its essence. And opened the way to modernize and develop Kurdish and Kurdish culture and language. If today we congratulate the Mother Tongue, this has not been achieved easily, but it has been achieved by the sacrifices of thousands of revolutionaries to the present day. On the new generation, teachers and students grasp this fact, develop the mother tongue on this basis. This is a historical, moral and emotional responsibility.
We congratulate the beginning of the first teacher leader Ocelan on the occasion of the Mother Tongue Day, and we congratulate all educational cadres, all students, the people of Kurdistan and all the peoples of the world on this occasion. “

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