Audio record of mercenaries: When we enter any village in Afrin, everything is permitted to us

The Turkish occupation army is organizing new mercenary groups in the Syrian province Idlib with the aim of launching attacks on the Afrin canton through Atmeh own, where there is a camp for the displaced, after failing so far to achieve any real Advance in Afrin.
Our correspondent received the Audio recordings of mercenaries, in which a mercenary named Fares Mohammed Khalaf Oshlash speaks to another mercenary named Sennani Ahmad Khallouf and invites him to join the group formed by the Turkish occupation army under the name of “First Battalion”.FARES MOHAMED
During the recording, the mercenary says that they will not enter Turkey from now on, indicating that they will not launch attacks from the border in Bakur (northern Kurdistan) on Afrin, while indicating that they will launch attacks on Afrin from Atma.
As the mercenary says during registration, their salary is $ 300.
The mercenary says “When we enter any village, everything is permissible and the spoils will be ours.”
Since the 20th of January, the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries have launched attacks on the Afrin canton, while mercenaries steal the property of the people with the occupation of any village, as appeared a few days ago. Videos posted on social media sites showing the theft of mercenaries and the agricultural mechanisms of the people).

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