With his simple goods he provides needs of his family

With his simple goods he provides needs of his family

The Turkish occupation army has caused many changes in the way of life of the people, especially in the border villages because of the intensification of fighting, and the citizen Mohammed Rashid is one of them chose to sell some food in one of the squares of the city to secure the livelihood of his family.EFRIN-BI TISTIN-PICOK-MALBATA-XWE-XWEDI-DIKE (4)
The villagers of the border villages have been forced to leave their village because of the ongoing shelling by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries, who have repeatedly attempted to incursion but have dealt harsh blows at the hands of the fighters of the People’s and’s Women Protection Units (YPG, YPJ).
The civilians had a share of the targets of the Turkish state, which violates all humanitarian and Islamic principles injured and martyerd hundreds of them.
Mohammed Rashid is a resident of the border village of Bika belonging to Bulbul district in Afrin. He is 40 years old and has two sons, the eldest being 14 years old.
He was forced to flee with his small family to the center of the city as a result of his village was bombarded by the Turkish occupation barbaric with all heavy weapons, and is currently living at a relative.
The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries looted his rented house and robbed all his belongings when they tried to enter the village. This is one of their barbarous practices.
He began to look for work to secure his family’s needs. Due to his modest financial situation, he chose to sell some food, cigarettes and baby food in one of the city’s squares.
Rashid goes to Azadi Square in the center of the city as he is crowedwith people and puts his goods on one side, from early morning until 5 pm, defying winter conditions and accompanied by his eldest son to help him.
Hawar news agency (ANHA) interviwed with him and talked about the Turkish attacks on territories on the region said :
“Words can not describe violations of Turkish aggression, but we are fully confident of our military forces and will continue to support and support them,” he said.
Rashid said in his speech and high morals that if the intensity of the clashes in his village had not been displaced, but he was forced to do so for the safety of familie.


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