Sihrab Mikael: Turkey distorts Islamic religion , Afrin will prevail

Sihrab Mikael: Turkey distorts Islamic religion , Afrin will prevail

Sihrab Mikael explained that the Islam is not only a name, it is content, and Islam is a free will and life, Islam is respect for others, Islam is peace, and anyone who claims Islam and contradicts what was said, as Turkey does now, is distorting the Islamic religion
The statements of the delegation’s member of the Başûr Kurdistan region’s Parliament in the Kurdistan Islamic Union bloc, Siharb Mikael Rikani, who visited Afrin to closely monitor the status of the canton and attacks launched by the Turkish aggression, and as a step of for the children of Afrin steadfast in the face of aggression, during a dialogue conducted by reporters with the news agency Hawar with him .
The following is the text of the conversation:
Since 20 January, Afrin has been subjected to aggression by the Turkish occupation army, as the Kurdistan Region Parliament. What is your position on the aggression?
We, as the Parliament of the Kurdistan region, condemned the Turkish aggression against Afrin. This aggression broke all international laws, rules and principles in the world. There is no law in the whole world that legitimizes the killing of innocent civilians.
There is no law allowing borders to be crossed and attacks on neighbors. All that Turkey does is an act that is contrary to values, principles and all international legislation.
Turkey attacks Afrin in the name of Islam, as an Islamic party How do you evaluate this?
Anyone raising the Islamic slogans must apply the provisions of the Islamic religion correctly, and who raises the Islamic slogans must apply the content of the Islamic religion and not only make slogans.
The people of Afrin show great resistance to Turkish aggression, which uses all kinds of heavy weapons and even warplanes. How do you see this resistance?
We watched the events in Afrin closely through the media, and as we came to Afrin we saw with our eyes the resistance of the children of Afrin, and the sincerity of the saying, we saw the resistance in the spirit and eyes of every small and large, women and men.
Our road was very long and tired, but during our arrival to Afrin and watching the children of Afrin and the hospitality that greeted us we forgot all the exhaustion.
The Kurdish people are going through a sensitive stage. We have seen before now the status of Kirkuk and what has been solved by it, and now the Turkish aggression on Afrin. What do you think the Kurdish people need at this time?
Before now we discussed in the Parliament of the Kurdistan region and explained that the victory of the Kurdish people is to unite ranks, and must accelerate the convening of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, because it is the only solution.
You mentioned the need to hasten the convening of a national conference in Kurdistan as soon as possible. If the conference is called, and some of the forces and parties refrain from attending it, how do you explain this?
Each party and forces have an interpretation and evaluation of events in Kurdistan differently, and I cannot accuse anyone, and the forces or parties that refuse to attend the conference during the meeting in view of this mistake is serious and contributes to the separation of the Kurds.
Your appeal to the Kurdish people, especially the Islamic forces?
The people of Kurdistan are one people and one body. We have not attacked anyone. We have not threatened the safety of anyone. We are a people who love peace and freedom. We must highlight this thing to the whole world and the world must realize our reality and that does not mean we will not resist and repel every attack on us. The Kurdish people should unite and maintain their unity, because they are our salvation.
You visited Afrin, and you looked closely at the situation. In your opinion, where is Afrin heading?
Afrin will resist and win, there can be victims because the enemy is a brutal enemy.

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