Demands to refer Erdogan ,his military commanders to Hague after committing war crimes

Demands to refer Erdogan ,his military commanders to Hague after committing war crimes

A jurist in al-Tabqa city in north Syria considered the Turkish aggression on Afrin in northern Syria, amounts to a war crime.
During an interview with ANHA with The spokesman of Social Justice Office in al-Tabqa and member of the Body of Discrimination Abdulhamid al-Nahar stressed that “the brutal Turkish aggression on Afrin constitute the material and moral elements of the war crimes stipulated in international standards and conventions and constitutes a flagrant violation of all humanitarian treaties through direct targeting of the parents And the displaced persons in Afrin. “
The Turkish aggression on Afrin canton, in which mercenary groups were involved in the remnants of al-Qaida organization, started in January 20, and the aggression came in agreement with the Russian Federation. This was confirmed by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on more than one occasion since the beginning of the aggression.
The attacks of the Turkish occupation army on Afrin are clear examples of crimes against humanity in accordance with international human rights law and international organizations.
The Turkish state reverses its lawsEBDULHAMED
He continued that the Turkish state of military and material support for the mercenaries of the so-called “Free Army” and the factions affiliated with it and the joint cooperation in the aggression on Afrin is “completely inconsistent with the Turkish law set by the fascist Turkish state, which provides not to harbor or cooperate with groups of mercenaries fighting and threatening the peace and security of neighboring countries. “
Today, the Turkish state and its mercenaries meet in what they call the operation and coordination rooms for the development of Ottoman colonial plans and the determination of aggressive attacks on Afrin in particular and the Syrian north in general.
The Turkish aggression, which uses German-made weapons and other American, according to the latest toll published by the Syrian Democratic forces yesterday, the deaths of 180 civilians, mostly children and women and elderly people, as well as more than 400 injured people, some of whom suffered permanent disabilities.
Demands that Erdogan be referred to Hague
Al-Nihar said “The Turkish army leaders, including Erdogan, should be referred to the international criminal courts in Hague for committing war crimes against all humanity to receive a fair punishment.”

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