The result of the combat operations over the last 24 Hours in Afrin

The result of the combat operations over the last 24 Hours in Afrin

SDF Media Center issued the details of the combat operations on February,10,2018, without being able to get the final figures of some clashes, which were supposed to be part of yesterday’s news. The following lines are the missing details of yesterday’s combats; where our forces confirmed the killing of 21 terrorists of so-called Ahrar Al-Sharqiya faction, as well as our forces killed 11 soldiers of the Turkish invasion army in Raju township. We also documented the destruction of an Turkish APC in the vicinity of Shiyeh village, where we have confirmed that there were 4 Turkish soldiers killed inside. Moreover, 11 terrorist were confirmed killed and others wounded due to heavy clashes yesterday and the day before in Jinderes district.
In addition to the aforementioned details, the following is the outcome of the combats during the last 24 hours in Afrin district:
1- Raju: this district has been a target for the Turkish airstrikes since yesterday until the preparation of this report. Qudah village, where our forces shot down 2 Turkish helicopters, was exposed to violent raids starting at 3:30 PM and lasted to the late hours of the evening. The raids coincided with heavy engagements between our forces and the invaders. Haj Khalil village also was a target to the Turkish Jets yesterday at 4 PM.
At the same time, Turkish warplanes bombed indiscriminately the villages of Haj Jamal, Musaka, Kurreh, Shadiya and Balilka targeting civilian homes. The concerns are growing about finding civilian corpses under the rubble in these villages. It is worth noting that the movements of the Turkish jets in the area prevents ambulance teams to reach the area and exhume the corpses.
2- Jinderes: Dier Ballut village was exposed to a random raids by the Turkish invasion Jets yesterday at 4 PM. The raids coincided with breaking out fierce clashes between the Turkish-backed Jihadist factions and our forces. The engagement lasted until 7 PM, then it widened to the villages of Hamam and Haj Iskender, accompanied by heavy shelling on the villages. Kafar Safra also was exposed to Turkish raids last night at 11 PM.
Meanwhile, Kafar Dalleh was bombarded heavily by the Jihadist factions.
The clashes in Dier Ballut, Hammam and Haj Iskender villages subsided at midnight, where heavy catualities were reported within the ranks of the invaders. The clashes renewed in Haj Iskender village at 9 AM this morning, while enemy jets bombed Aq-jalah and Baflun this morning.
3- Shiyeh: Yesterday at 3 PM, our forces destroyed an APC for the invaders, where 4 soldiers were confirmed killed inside. In the vicinity of Haj Bilal village, fierce engagements broke out between our forces and Turkish backed Jihadists which lasted until 12 PM. In the same axis, Karmitlig village was randomly shelled by The Turkish tanks.
4- Sharra: the Yezidi villages, Baflun- Arab Weran- Dier Sawan, were exposed to Brutal bombardment by the Turkish jets, which lasted until 11 PM, the Turkish jets re-bombed these village at 5:30 AM this morning, followed by fierce clashes between our forces and Turkish backed Jihadists. Heavy death and wound tolls were reported within the ranks of the invaders. Our fighters confirmed the killing of 9 Soldiers and siezing some weapons and communication equipment. The clashes are ongoing until the preparation of this report.
5- Mabata (Ma’batli): Mabata vicinity was a target of a random artillery shelling since last night until now. It is worth noting that the Turkish warplanes and ISRs are still roaming over the entire Afrin.

SDF- Media Center

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