Video of Shekata village massacre

Video of Shekata village massacre

the correspondents of Hawar news agency monitored the massacre carried out by the Turkish occupation army in Shekata village at Shia district on Friday.
The video shows the extent of destruction caused by the air raids on civilian homes, not to mention the martyrdom of civilians, and a citizen was pulled out of the rubble and some are still under the rubble.
The Turkish occupation aircraft carried out a massacre in Shekata village at Shia district after the bombing of a house demolished over its inhabitants, and the residents managed to remove the body of a citizen, while it is believed that about 3 or 4 people are still under the rubble.
On Monday afternoon, at approximately 14:00 hours, Turkish aircraft launched several raids on Shekata village and targeted civilian houses. The shelling destroyed a house and killed its residents.
After several hours of shelling, the residents managed to reach the house and search the rubble. They took the body of Nusrat Othman, 50 years old, and took him to Afrin Hospital, but he martyred despite the doctors’ attempts.
While they could not get the rest out of the rubble because of the need for mechanisms and the continuation of shelling.


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