Shervan Darwish: Erdogan trying to stir sectarianism, Manbij is aware of it

Shervan Darwish: Erdogan trying to stir sectarianism, Manbij is aware of it

The official spokesperson of the Manbij Military Council Shervan Darwish stated “Erdogan believes that by his fake statements and threats, he could stir sectarianism and conflicts amongst the nationalities, but Manbij is under the protection of its people who cooperated to liberate it from IS terror sent by Erdogan.”
Shervan Darwish’s statements were delivered to Hawar news agency in response to Erdogan’s frequent threats to attack Manbij.
Darwish noted first “Erdogan reappeared on his media outlets threatening to occupy Manbij, but this time, he fell into an outrageous slip of the tongue speaking about the disturbed internal circumstances in Manbij, mentioning there are supporters of interior movement within it, claiming that he will restore it to its residents thinking that he could stir sectarianism.”
Darwish added “Manbij is under protection of its people who cooperated to liberate it from Daesh gangs’ terror sent to the city as it was a strategic corridor for Turkey, Turks did not move on the border only after the Manbij Military Council, in cooperation with the Syrian Democratic Forces and the global coalition, managed to liberate it, Erdogan feeling soon that we were going to get our people rid of his affiliates” Daesh” along the border with Turkey, so he occupied Jarablus and al-Bab in a ridiculous play; receive and hand over where clothes of Daesh were changed to the “Free Army.”
Shervan went on “Of course, Erdogan means by Manbij people the criminals who fled justice as the majority were Daesh joiners or those involved in crimes against civilians, thieves, and bandits, Manbij doors will be open before all Syrians as it received 180 thousand refugees from internal cities and de-escalation areas which are on fire by the aerial bombing and the regime’s attacks, Manbij is considered one of the areas Erdogan supposed to be a guarantor of people’s security and ceasefire, not the opposite.”
Shervan also added “we feel pain on the news we daily hear, he is the one well-known for void crowing, Manbij is open for all organizations, Arabic, international media outlets, and some do have offices in the city, maybe it was the global coalition’s commanders yesterday visiting Manbij with dozens of international media outlets that infuriated Erdogan again, as they headed to different fronts and thanked on behalf of the 70-state coalition its people, they also walked through the districts and streets of city and met people, this is not an evidence to offer Erdogan, as we are well-aware of the status quo.”
Darwish concluded “We are living on our land and capable of protecting it, our partners in the world are proceeding with us to defeat any kind of terror or aggression be it under the label of organization or state like the Turkish state where Erdogan is a key supporter of Daesh and al-Qaeda.”


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