Bulbul councils provide homes for people whose homes have been damaged

Bulbul councils provide homes for people whose homes have been damaged

A town council and Bulbul district and center of Rajo district belonging to to Rajo area in Afrincanton started to secure houses for people who left their homes in border villages after their houses were destroyed under Turkish shelling
Dozens of families in the border villages left their villages after the Turkish occupation army targeted their homes and headed for safer back villages.
In turn, the villagers opened the doors of their homes to embrace the people of the border villages and prove to the Turkish occupation army and terrorism that the Kurdish people whenever the bombing is more insistence and cohesion.
The citizen Nazli Mamom denounced the shelling on their villages saying :.
“This bombardment forced us out of our villages, we are not afraid of them, but in order to save the lives of our young children we have come out, we are steadfast in the face of the occupation”
Nazli Mamom thanked the Council of the district and coummens for helping them and securing the place to stay there instead of remaining in agricultural land.
Hussain Hamou, a homeowner who received the residents, said: “The terror of the invasion army is trying to displace the people of our villages to occupy them without resistance, but our people are steadfast, terrorism of Turkey is incapable of displacing us from our land and staying there until death,”
Alief who said that Erdogan can not occupy one inch of land they inherited from their ancestors.
“He is shelling us with heavy weapons to empty our villages, but we have brought out our young children and we will return to our villages and stand by our children who protect our property and our dignity on the front lines,”

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