Paris accuses Turkey of violating international law and warns it

Paris accuses Turkey of violating international law and warns it

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drein accused Turkey and Iran of violating international law as a result of their interference in Syria and warned Turkey that “border security does not mean killing civilians” and called on it not to escalate the war and complicate the complex.
Turkish aggression has launched on Afrin since January 20, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Derrion told to”BFM” channel, “Ensuring the security of its borders does not mean the killing of civilians, which must be condemned. In a dangerous situation in Syria, Turkey should not add a war to war, “and called on it not to escalate the war.
“Turkey and the regime in Damascus and Iran and those who attack the eastern Ghouta and Adlib are violating international law,”
Turkey has been carrying out aggression against Afrin since January 20, 140 have been killed and more than 350 civilans were wounded in addation to the destruction of moques and archaeologica sites on UNESCO ‘s world heritage list
He also pointed out that 100 IS gangs Franch have arrested by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Syria during its war against terror, stressing that their trial will be carried out by the local judicial authorities and will not be deported to France.
Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are considered as force in the international coalition to fight “Da’esh” and the fighters of (SDF) liberating areas which was occupied byIS gangs including al-Raqqa city was taken as acapital to Is gangs these forces (SDF)have made sacrifies to eleminate terrorism
Turkey offers support to terrorist gangs in Syria, headed by the IS gangs and “Jabhit al- Nusra “opened its airports to receive them, provided them with freedom of movement within Turkey, easily reached across the border into Syria and Iraq, and treated wounded terrorists in government hospitals.
He also called on the French minister to withdraw the Iranian militias, especially Hezbollah from Syria, and noted that evidence indicates that the Syrian regime used chlorine poison gas in Syria

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