BBC journalist justifies terrorist operations from acting as body of Kurdish fighter

BBC journalist justifies terrorist operations from acting as body of Kurdish fighter

Two days ago a video has been circulated on the Web that shows a group of Al-Qaeda, cutting off a YPJ fighter’s body.
BBC journalist Riam Dalati beautifies this disgraceful, repulsive, and terroristic action that has been done by AlQaeda groups to YPJ fighter Barin Kobani. He commented on a post concerning this barbaric act.
He stated indirectly that cutting the breast and footing on the corpse of the fighter is an appropriate behavior. The BBC journalist claimed that the fighter has blown herself and therefore her clothes have been torn. He said in Arabic language: “This video shows a fighter that has blown herself and it is normal that her clothes have been torn and someone footed on her body and the other mocked her, but the others didn’t participate in.” This doesn’t only trivialize the inhumanity, but he also tries to manipulate the western community by adding the following in English language: ” It’s too much of a fantasy to expect any shred of humanity left in this conflict among the people fighting it.” The contradiction between the two comments evidently shows his intention.
Although Dalati has watched the video and he has seen that she hasn’t blown herself and that evidently her breast was cut off as well as other parts of her body, he still emphasized that Barin Kobani has blown herself up. The video, however, clearly shows that the fighter has been shot and then mutilated by some terrorists from the so-called FSA forces (AlQaeda) supported by Turkey in Afrin region.
His public support for Al-Qaeda is explicitly seen in his made up story, in which he dehumanized a woman and a sister and daughter of someone.
Dalati in his comment on the incident is using his profession and the reputation of BBC as a tool to publically support such terroristic and horrific actions and adopted a two-pronged approach, the first showing his support for the act in Arabic language and the other in an ethical way in English language.
The most important question is now: What kind of position does the BBC network administration take on such support to terrorist groups explicitly expressed by its employee? Especially after a previous report that has made him famous for supporting such groups and individualized facts mirroring AlQaeda ideology

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