QSD :The results of the military operation are published in Afrin

QSD :The results of the military operation are published in Afrin

The outcome of the military operation on 2/3-Feb-2018
Rajo: the town of Rajo and its vicinity were shelled indiscriminately last night by the Turkish invasion army. Also the Turkish invasion army carried out airstrikes on the villages of Jela, Janika, Chaqmaqa and Bella mount at 8:00 pm last night. 4 shells landed today’s morning on the vicinity of Rajo township.
2-Jinderes: Turkish invasion army with Al-Qaeda factions tried to advance towards the village Ashkan, Hamam, Beraqdar mount at 7:00 pm of last night, but our forces confronted them and pushed them back. There were casualties within the ranks of the attackers and the Turkish warplanes intervened to help the attackers to withdraw.
Sherra township: our forces observed a movement of a military drag belongs to the Turkish army at 12:00 am, accordingly, our forces targeted the drag with a rocket.
4- In a special military operation carried out by Storm brigade of YPJ, they destroyed a tank for the invaders at 1:00 pm in Haftaro village in Belbeleh township. The operation was documented by a footage.
5- since the early hours of today’s morning, the invaders are trying to advance in Kevre Ker hill, our forces repelled to their attacks and the clashes are ongoing while the shelling on the vicinity of the hill still continuing.
6- yesterday some members of Al-Qaeda tried to sneak into Gere Spi city covered by the Turkish border guards. The terrorists tried sneak in the area between Gere spi crossing border and the silos in the Turkish side. Our forces engaged with the infiltrators, as a result 4 terrorists killed while the others fled away to the Turkish side.

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