Statement by Syriac Union Party, GHS in Syria regarding latest developments:

Statement by Syriac Union Party, GHS in Syria regarding latest developments:

We at the Syriac Union Party in Syria -SUP would like to clarify our stand regarding of the current critical situation today in northern Syria. We as cofounders of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria and the Syrian Democratic Forces are facing hard times in our struggle to establish a democratic coexistence way of life with our neighbors. Our common fight as SDF against Al-Qaida, ISIS and other terrorist groups has been going on since 2013 until now.
Today we are facing Erdogan and the Turkish army’s aggression in Afrin and other parts of our Federation. Not to mention that many different terrorist groups are helping Erdogan in his oppression and breach of international law while attacking Afrin, which has been a safe haven for more than 500 000 IDPs. We are still waiting for the awakening of the international community, the UN, EU, USA and Russia to assist us in defending the civilians that are attacked by Erdogan and his friends, in order to defend our Federative borders within a united Syria, and it is important that our Syriac Assyrian Chaldean Aramaic citizens are standing with their forces and brave soldiers that fought ISIS when it attacked our land.
In crucial times like this, all the countries in the world call upon their citizens to take arms against the invaders and defend their families, properties and common values. This is what we are doing right now as political and military leadership for the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria which is our right according to international law and UN declarations in order to defend ourselves. A year ago, as part of the High Council of The Democratic Federation of Northern Syria accepted a new law for military defense and service for our citizens. Today we are implementing this law and call up on all young men over 18 years to join SDF in the struggle against any aggression or whatever power that threatens our society and daily life.
We as SUP would never accept any kind of injustice towards our Syriac Assyrian Aramaic Chaldean people, therefore reading what some Diaspora organization within our community in Europe are describing the situation on the ground without even visiting us is strange. They are stating that our young men has been abducted instead of telling the truth that they are called in to join SDF to defend their land against any perpetrators. We as Syriac Assyrian Aramean Chaldean people have the equal right and obligation to defend our country and should not run away from this duty.
It is wrong to see the gathering of our young men in order to get the neccesary military education and respond to their military service in times like this as abduction or wrongdoing. We must defend our new gained rights and our new established Democratic Federation for all people of Syria including Syriac Assyrian Aramaic Chaldean, Kurds, Arabs and other people of Syria.
Finally, we would like to stress on the fact that the Syrian Army along with its partner Russia made this Turkish and Al-Qaida assault on Afrin possible, now we must defend Afrin which we proudly will. We are happy to declare that fighters of the Syriac Military Council MFS are on their way to help their Syrian brothers and sisters in Afrin.

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