ISIS Plant thousands of mines in Raqqa

ISIS Plant thousands of mines in Raqqa

“The Da’esh mines that it planted in the city of Raqqa continue to bear witness to its criminality and barbarity, targeting the people of Raqqa city who are returning to it.

And despite the brave efforts that the SDF and Raqqa civilian council are undertaking to remove the mines, the mines have nonetheless surpassed estimates of their number and the ways that Da’esh used in camouflaging its operations to plant mines.

This is so and while our media colleague Ismail Khalil, who works in the SDF media centre, was undertaking his work and obligation in transmitting the true picture of the Da’esh crimes that it has committed against the city of Raqqa and its people and likewise transmitting the concerns of the civilians and transmitting photos of the return of life to the city on which so much blackness had settled, one of the mines that Da’esh planted blew up on him, leading to his martyrdom.

Ismail the son of the Golan lived in the city of Raqqa, bearing a pharmacy diplomacy. He was exposed to much harassment in his work as a pharmacist by the Da’esh terrorists. He bore witness to many of their deeds, and on the first day of its liberation from Da’esh at the hands of SDF, he joined the armed struggle as a military media guy in the SDF media. He covered the campaign to liberate Raqqa from its beginning until after the liberation of the city.

In the name of the SDF media centre and the SDF, we pledge to the martyr and all martyrs to destroy terrorism in all its forms and expose all its crimes, and we will continue on the path of our free martyrs who have fed their land with their pure blood.

And by the life of the martyr and our martyrs in ever place, we will remain on their path until our last breath.

Data on the martyr as follows:

Activist name: Abu al-Saba’ al-Jowlani
True name: Ismail al-Khalil
Mother: Awsh
Father: Ibrahim
Place of birth: Quneitra
Place and date of martyrdom: 29 January 2018

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