YPJ issued a statement pledging to follow in the footsteps of” Avista”

YPJ issued a statement pledging to follow in the footsteps of” Avista”

The statement came as follows:

To the Media and Public Opinion

The military operation launched by the Turkish fascist state against our resistant people in Afrin region continues for the ninth day in a row, in an attempt to undermine the project of our people in the coexistence of the peoples of North Syria and the achievement of federalism. These attacks remind the world of the brutality of barbarians and Mongols again.
The Turkish state has mobilized tens of thousands of its soldiers and mercenaries from al-Qaeda, Al Nusra Front, Da’ash, and Syrian Free Army, which sponsored and trained them to serve their agendas against the Syrian people and their project, along with a large number of heavy and massive military equipment. The Turkish attacks and its war machine killed dozens of civilians including children, women and led to people displacement from the cities and villages.
These Turkish attacks have been met with heroic and historical resistance by our people alongside with our combat units. On the eighth day of resistance, on 27 January, in the border village of Hamam, the Turkish army supported by Al-Nusra front mercenaries attacked the villages by aircrafts and tanks, accordingly our fighter Avesta Khabour , from counter-terrorism units, bravely confronted their attacks like her martyred comrades Nawal and Sulav. Avesta Khabour confronted one of the Turkish tanks which was heading towards Hamam village. The heroine Avesta attacked the tank and blew herself up with the tank.
Avesta Khabour ( her real name Zaluk Hamo) the fighter of 20 year old, is from Kurmanj mount of Afrin. She grew up in patriotic family. Avesta was grew up on the philosophy of freedom and patriotism. She was deeply aware of responsibility for the suffering of her people, and she is the model of Kurdish free women. She joined Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) in 2014. In a short period of time, Avista has achieved intellectual maturity and strong faith in her ideology. Because of her strength, tactics and military outlook and her sense of internal and external threats which facing the revolution, she decided to join anti-terrorism units in Afrin canton and took part in many battles against terrorist organization.
During the years of her struggle in the women’s protection units, the fighter Avista Khabur represented an exemplary example in her spirit of compassion and love for life and her , and her attachment to her case and the dust of her land and she carried out her promise to protect people and humanity values against Turkish fascism and its extremist factions amongst the silence of the world regarding the massacre committed by the Turkish army against her people.
We in the general command of YPJ pledge our martyrs and our great people that we will keep our word for Avista Khabour who revived the footsteps of Arin Mirkan and Rivan Kobani during the resistance in Kobani, and we will resist the Turkish occupation, which represents the historic enemy of our people until the last drop of our blood. We will protect the legitimate rights of dignified life. Afrin will be a cemetery for fascism and enemies of humanity.
General Command of Women’s Protection Units

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