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German police preparing to attack in Cologne

The police in Cologne are preparing to attack to prevent tens of thousands of people from marching. The youth responded with a giant Öcalan poster and slogans.

Kurds in Germany, leftist movements from Turkey, German democratic circles, Armenians, Circassians, Syriacs and Alevis came together in Cologne for the march for Afrin in the morning.

The march started from Ebertplatz at 11.00 with the slogan “Against colonialist and invasionist attempts, Everywhere Afrin Everywhere Resistance”.

After two hours, the police cut off with tear gas and water cannons the crowd behind the historic Dom Church citing the posters of Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan, and tensions rose occasionally during the march. Thousands of police officers are preparing to attack.

The youth in the march have refused to take down the Öcalan posters and opened a giant one instead. They respond to the police frequently by chanting, “Bijî berxwedana Efrînê”.

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