Afrin: Violent clashes on day 8

Turkish bombardment continues on the 8th day of the attacks against Afrin. In many locations, violent clashes reported between the SDF and the Turkish army and their allied FSA groups.

The aerial and terrestrial attacks launched by the Turkish army and FSA groups under them on January 20 continue on the 8th day. There are occasional violent clashes in the region where villages are bombed with fighter jets and howitzers.

According to the Hawar News Agency (ANHA), there are violent clashes between the SDF and the TAF/FSA groups in the Raco region.

Intense artillery fire into Shehba’s Til Rifet district continued through the night. There are no casualties reported in the attacks against civilian residential areas while many houses have been damaged.

The surroundings of Yina Çiyayê Gir, Tobal, Ibêdan, Qurnê and Elî Caro villages in the Bilbilê district and the Şêx Xurzê Mountain are being bombed by fighter jets, which resulted in material damage.

Another area under bombs is the Hemamê and Heciskender villages in the Cindires district. There are civilians who were wounded in these bombings.


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