Self-management municipalities in Rojava declare a state of emergency and alienate all their teams

Kajin Ahmed – Xeber24.net

All self-administered municipalities in Rojava, northeastern Syria, have declared a state of emergency in their areas, and all their cadres have been mobilized to cope with any emergency caused by continued snowfall.

On Wednesday evening, the joint presidencies of all municipalities declared a state of emergency and directly supervised the follow-up to their teams.

Municipal vehicles were mobilized to continue opening roads between Qamishlo/ Hassaka, Qamishlo /Derek and Qamishlo/ Amuda, and cleaned them up from snow accumulations.

Meanwhile, a source from Amuda said one of the civilian cars skidded and hit the power pole, as emergency teams immediately cut off power to the city and repair the malfunctions.

Emergency teams confirmed that the incident was limited to material, and the injured were quickly treated.

Since Wednesday morning, the cities of Rojava have been experiencing snowfall to date, after a drought hit the region, while the Asayish of Rojava administration confirmed through the safety instructions it posted on its website that it is ready to follow up on all emergencies through the figures it published.

Translated by: khoshben Sheikho.

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