International Justice Commission documents presence of 2,000 Isis in Iraqi prisons involved in exterminating Yazidis

Khoshben Sheikho – Xeber24.net

The head of the International Justice Committee ( ICRC), Jamil Mohsen, revealed Monday that there are nearly 2,000 “ISIS” terrorists in Iraqi prisons for genocide against Yazidis and other components, noting that there are efforts to try them internationally on charges of “extermination” devoid of Iraqi law.

“These criminals have not been handed over to international courts for these crimes, as Iraqi law has no provision criminalizing the act of extermination, and they are being tried in accordance with Article 4 terrorism, which affects the Yazidi case,” Mohsen said.

He added that the Commission was working to open the file of Yazidis in the International Criminal Court and British courts, as it had comprehensive global jurisdiction, jurisdiction over all states, as well as a British lawyer for “genocide.”

“The results of the Yazidi case could be prolonged for more than two years, as genocide is complex and involves senior officials, regional states and companies that supported the ISIS terrorist gangs,” Mohsen said.

“There are 3,000 Yazidis and Yazidis who are unaccounted for without any movement from international or government efforts,” he said, predicting that they would be present in some Iraqi cities and countries and the SDF-controlled Al-Hol camp, which still has 11,000 (ISIS) and has not been handed over to international courts and the judiciary.”

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