Self-management official reveals steps to eliminate monopoly phenomenon and high prices in Rojava



Kajin Ahmed – Xeber24.net

The joint president of The District of Qamishlo” Suleiman Hassan Abu Bakar”, confirmed that they made a decision during the meeting of their council, to eliminate the phenomenon of monopoly of consumables, especially basic food by traders and manipulation of their prices.

“Abu Bakr” said in a special statement to “Xeber24”, on Saturday: The city of Qamishlo, like other cities of self-management areas, is witnessing the loss of some basic items, especially food from the markets, as a result of the siege imposed on the region and the simultaneous closure of all crossings, as well as the monopoly of some traders for materials in order to raise their prices later.

He added that at present, the substance sugar witnessed some kind of this procedure, and therefore we went as a district council of The Qamishlo after our decision, to the company “Nawroz”, which in turn welcomed our decision, to eliminate this phenomenon, and to get rid of the congestion situation on the only hall that distributes the material to citizens.

“Abu Bakar” said they and nawroz management have reached an agreement that sugar should be distributed through communes, so that each house within the Coumaint Hashlo receives its dues from the available quantity, at the cost price.

He said they are seeking to open several lounges in Qamishlo to provide monopolistic materials by traders, after nawroz’s management promised to support them in the move.

“Muwaffaq Mohammed Saleh al-Batah”, joint president of the Kawa martyr kodurbek district, told our website: They have received instructions from the District Council to deal with Nowruz, to obtain and distribute the dues of the members of the Komin of sugar.

“Al-Batah” said they immediately informed the members of the Komin through “groups of WhatsApp” and registered the names of those wishing to obtain sugar, noting that each family allocated “5” kg at the price of “12,000” to S.

The joint president of The Martyr Kawa, Said, said that he was allocated all days of the week to distribute sugar, and distributed the inhabitants of the geography of the comin these days, to eliminate the phenomenon of overcrowding and large assembly in front of the headquarters of the Komin.

Translated by: khoshben Sheikho.

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