a Kurdish Red Crescent medic killed by ISIS cell attack in Al-Hol camp

Peshwar Hassan – Xeber24.net

An attack by ISIS cells on al-Hol camp led to the loss of a Kurdish Red Crescent medic for his life.

In this regard, security sources reported that the young “Bassem Mohammed Mohammed”, a paramedic and nurse among the Kurdish Red Crescent crews who provide medical care to the residents of al-Hol camp, lost his life today at the Kurdish Red Crescent medical point in the camp, after being attacked by a cell of two people who entered the medical point as patients and targeted and killed the victim.

On the other hand, al-Hol camp is witnessing from time to time such attacks and assassinations carried out by ISIS cells.

Nurse Bassem Mohammed, born in Hasaka in 1995, is married and has two children.

Translated by: Khoshben Sheikho.

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