Two great forces remove the shells of pro-Turkish Syrian factions in the countryside of “Syrian Hasaka

Ghadeer Abdullah – Xeber24.net

Hours earlier, U.S. and Russian forces conducted a simultaneous patrol in the village of Al-Dardara, which belongs to the town of “Tal Tamr”, located in the east of the Syrian province of Hasaka, in order to remove remnants of Turkish shelling and Syrian factions loyal to it on the village

According to a “Xeber24” correspondent from the area, US forces are removing unexploded missiles in the village simultaneously with a Russian patrol in the same area.

It is worth mentioning that on Tuesday morning, the internal security forces of northern and eastern Syria “Asayish”, removed a missile from the remnants of war in a neighborhood of the city of Raqqa, to show that the body is an old rocket and explosive remnants of war where it is about three meters long, and was removed without any damage to be transported to a designated place away from populated places.

The “American and Russian” superpowers are being severely critical of their failure to fulfil their responsibilities to stop the daily violations by Turkish forces and Syrian factions of the Syrian coalition on Kurdish towns and villages near the Turkish border.

Translated by: khoshben Sheikho.

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