Coinciding with the increased Turkish bombing the president of the American Committee for Religious Freedoms arrives in the city of Qamishlo

Khoshben Sheikho ـ Xeber24.net

“Nadine Mainza”, president of the American Committee for Religious Freedoms, arrived in The City of Qamshlo for her first new year visit to northern and eastern Syria, coinciding with the increasing Turkish bombardment of all religious minorities in Rojava, northern and eastern Syria.

On Sunday morning, she was greeted by the headquarters of the Department of Foreign Relations of the Self-Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria, the joint head of the department Abdul Karim Omar and his two deputies, “Fener al-Keit” and” Abeer Ilya”.

The two sides are holding a closed-door meeting on developments in light of Turkey’s military escalation in the region.

The parties are scheduled to hold a press conference after the meeting.

“Nadine Mainza” visited Qamishlo last year and lasted more than a month and a half.

Turkey almost daily bombed Christian and Yazidi villages, as well as Kurdish villages, to displace them and settle families from the opposition Syrian coalition in their place.

Translated by: khoshben Sheikho.

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