Yazidi Roj Ava of Kurdistan concludes their fifth conference with several resolutions

Kajin Ahmed – Xeber24.net

The fifth Conference of the Yazidi House in the Island region of Bruges Ava ended with several decisions, including the election of a new presidency and another on social relations and customs.
“At our fifth conference, we discussed the draft system, and the joint presidency of the Yazidi house was elected,” Laila Maamo and Suleiman Hammou,” the conference concluded Friday at the Baelsan Hall in Amuda, in the presence of “300” delegates.

The final statement of the conference also confirmed that “the marriage dowry was cancelled, a age for marriage was set, and the duration of the funeral tents was limited to only 3 days.

This morning, under the theme “From Roj Ava to Shangal, self-management is the true guarantee of our freedom”, the Yazidi House of the Island region is holding its fifth conference.

The conference was attended by representatives of the Self-Administration, The Democratic Society Movement, the Democratic Islamic Conference, the Religious Assembly, the Martyrs’ Families Council and the Sri Kanih Displaced Committee.

Translated by: khoshben Sheikho.

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